Wedding night hotel rooms

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winterbride2015 Posts: 62
Just wondering how many rooms people are paying for on their wedding night? Do you pay for the bridal party and your parents? Is there a tradition?
SR0205 Posts: 254
Our package covers our room and 2 rooms for the parents. We're also covering the cost for our bridal party - 4 rooms in total. I probably wouldn't have done it but the best man did it for his wedding last year so we kind of feel like we have to return the favour.
winterbride2015 Posts: 62
Thank you, I must check with the hotel if there is any included. We kinda feel a bit mean if we didn't pay for their rooms. Everyone else is local to the hotel except for my bridesmaid. But we don't want everyone to go home that night either, be nice to have a few around for breakfast the next morning! We had completely forgotten about rooms, so it's an extra couple of hundred euro to add to the budget! :eek
craftyPB Posts: 2625
We're paying for our parent's rooms, our siblings, our bridal party rooms and also paying the single supplement for our single guests who are staying over. Rooms wise, it comes to 9 rooms and 3 single supplements.
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
We were just speaking about this last night! Our package covers our parents We have only one bridesmaid and groomsman so we are covering these rooms too. I hate the idea of either of them being out of pocket for doing such an important job for us. I have haggled with our hotel and it's sister hotel and have gotten very good rates for other guests.
tooty Posts: 95
hi ya, we haggled with the hotel originally and we got 6 rooms free,this covers the bridesmaids and best men and both our parents, we were delighted with this saving.
sabss2014 Posts: 124
Our hotel gave us six complementary. Two are for us the one each for each set of parents, one for best man one for maid of honour so we're forking out for the rest which is the other bridesmaid two groomsmen and my uncle. It's there gift from us x
winterbride2015 Posts: 62
What did you say to get six rooms free? I need some tips! We need 6/7 each for parents, my bmaid, his BM and Gman, I'm having a junior bmaid so not sure what to do there. Our photographer is extended family and we're paying for his room for the night in exchange for his services. When I went through the figures yesterday, it's actually ok if we have to pay for the rooms as I had a budget for photographer that I'm not using and had allowed extra for the hotel.
Laura 1984 Posts: 190
We get two rooms and ours so parents are covered , everyone else is paying for their rooms , we've been in the bridal party of the members of our own bridal party and we didn't expect our rooms To be paid for and didn't get them paid for and I was also bridesmaid for my sister and she didn't pay for my room , It didn't even cross my mind as they had enough to pay for , she was very generous with dress shoes and the jewellery was a gift , she also paid for my tan and nails , I don't think it's expected
Lisaanne Posts: 80
I am also having the same stress. We get 2 free rooms (parents). we have 2 x bridesmaids and 3 x groomsmen, but the groomsmen will need to stay 3 nights. Can't decide what to do, but from this it looks like we should cover the bridesmaids and lads, at least for the night of the wedding.. there goes the budget... again! O:|