Wedding on a holy day?

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ollyr Posts: 101
Is it true that priests wont do weddings on holy days? We've only just decided to have a civil ceremony on august 15th and I was a bit panicked thinking we hadnt a hope of getting a decent band etc at short notice. However, friday the 15th is a holy day so if there are no church weddings that day, there might be more availability??
milis Posts: 7998
One priest parishes are under too much pressure to have weddings on holy days (though some will anyway), but bigger parishes do allow them.
glassofvino Posts: 28
Hiya, A friend of mine really wanted to get married that date but her local priest refused. However the priest in her boyfriends native parish said he would. So I guess its worth asking?
NewMom1 Posts: 1252
ours is aug 15th too! the priest mentioned it was a holy day when we spoke to him but was delighted that h2b s cousin who is a priest will be doing the ceremony. he didnt seem to bothered about the fact at all?