Wedding over! What to do with wedding dress?

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Wedding over, honeymoon over and 5 weeks pregnant. (no messing there, i hear you say, ha ha) Just wondering what the hell to do with my wedding dress. Got it cleaned and its like brand new. Im never going to wear it again. I didnt spend my life savings on it like most girls i know although it wasnt cheap either. My hubby was appauled with i said i might sell it and thought i might keep it as a keepsake. Any ideas? Not sure about making a christening gown outta it. It'd cost more to get it made into a christening gown than to actually buy one. Any ideas?
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Congrats on the Pregnancy and wedding, I would box it up and use it for christening gown or even in time if you have a child they might be able to use it...
streaks Posts: 3592
If you had a little girl you could make a communion dress out of it and have it passed down thru the family! I was kinda thinking of doing this but then I kinda want to keep my dress forever as my moment aswell! Congrats on the pregnancy, hope all goes well for you!
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Oh im definatly keeping mine - couldnt bear to sell, Im a bit sentimental when it comes to things like that. I have my mothers and my aunts (her sister) wedding dresses in the attic, It just nice to pass on i think esp as they are not around anymore. Def wont be cutting it up either (as kids wont be christened anyway >:o) ) Will get a nice box on ebay and put my shoes and jewellery into it aswell. ETS - Congrats :stork:
Deirdre Langan Photography Posts: 65
Congrats on your pregnancy Lusk10! If you change your mind on selling it, you could try sellmyweddingdress website. Alternatively, if you choose to store it, I know that Shannon Dry Cleaners dryclean, vacuum pack and guarantee safe storage for 200 years! I know! 200 years? And no, I don't work for any of the formentioned places :-)
luckyladee Posts: 2550
Would you consider one of those 'trash the dress' photo shoots. I always think those pics look amazing. Especially if you're not all that sentimental about having the dress in a box at the top of the wardrobe......
mrdvd Posts: 649
You would have a real giggle if you went for a trash the dress shoot (it does not mean ruining the dress- but it may mean dirt) Imagine guests coming into your home and seeing a great big picture of you on the wall wearing the dress (apparently on your wedding day) herding cows, hoovering, waiting at bus stop, pushing kids down road in a buggy... Martin