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Dollydo Posts: 759
Maybe you can give me some guidance wollies. Our venue have their 2013 package up on the website, there are a couple of xtras included in it now that arent in our 2012 package. Would you ask for them? We have bargained a bit for a small discount and its putting me off asking because I kind of think she's going to think Im pushing her too far :-8
Helen09 Posts: 26
Definitely yes, the worst they can say is no & that's probably more awkward for them! I know I hate asking myself & have to psyche myself up to do it! An easier way might be to ask in an email - worked for me! Best of luck!
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Id just aak is there anyway to have the package extras included in your package, don't know till you ask, worst they can say is no!
Dollydo Posts: 759
No Moobride its this year, we booked the 2012 package in 2011 but theyve added a couple of extras like canapes and Id really like those in particular. I asked about them a while back and it was just out of our price range :o( Im afraid to ask and be disappointed. It will make me mad that they have added these things to get people to use their hotel and they wont give them to the people who had faith in booking with them. Does that make sense?
longtimeyet Posts: 461
def ask - tell them you'd love if they would include the extras as next years package is amazing and that you'd to get it included in yer day. Flatter them - the worst they can say is no!!
summerb2b2013 Posts: 64
Hi Dollydo I would def be asking for the extras, but honestly I would not email them, as it is so easy to reply to an email and decline, I think you need to speak with them, as we all know when put on the spot sometimes we give in. Good luck with it!
Magsk Posts: 644
This also happen to us hotel package changed and extra items added in i simply sent them an email explaining and they gave me all the extras that were in this new package and were paying white considerably less then what is been quoted per head so were happy as larry!!!! O-O No harm in asking you get nowhere not asking! O-O
annieg30 Posts: 63
Hi I was in the same boat, when we booked our wedding in 2010 their was a different package to 2012 and their was quite a few things added on in 2012 that wernt in 2010, I was so glad i asked when we went to see her a few weeks ago as she told me i could have all the extras included which saved me a few pound, namely chair covers and sashes and popcorn cones for the kids and the room rate was also cheaper to 2010. I also cheekily asked for a room only rate as lets be honest who is really going to get up for breakfast. O-O . Go ahead and ask whats the worst she can say, you are paying enough to get a few things thrown in for nothing :custum59
AwkwardAnnie Posts: 2191
Oh yes, I'd definitely ask I know this happened to friends a couple of years ago... it took them weeks to build up the courage to go to their hotel and ask them that the extras be applied to their wedding. So they went to their venue and met with the co-ordinator to be told that they were including the extras as standard to all weddings! The bride was really relieved as the groom had memorised a big long speech as to why they should get it!!