Susan & James celebrated their wedding day at the Castleknock Hotel & Country Club in Dublin recently. The hotel has a countryside setting while still in the city and has a great feel to the place. We stopped for a few photos in Susan's hometown of Skerries but the weather gods decided to not play ball on the day unfortunately. We still managed a few minutes together made the best of the weather. If you are looking for a Photographer, Videographer and/or a PhotoBooth for your big day then drop us a line and say hi! We have a very special offer at the moment for all bookings in and you can find more details here - Andy [url=][img:k2siiq3m][/img:k2siiq3m][/url:k2siiq3m][url=]- Wedding Photographer - Castleknock Hotel & Country Club[/url:k2siiq3m] by [url=]ATL Photography[/url:k2siiq3m]