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MidnightJasmine Posts: 238
We are looking at photographers at present. We have met with a few and really like one in particular but we are wondering, how much is standard?? How much are you paying for your photographer and what are you getting for that price?? Thank you
rzphoto Posts: 3
Hi. I am a photographer with wedding album packages starting at 1650 to include copyright of all the photos. Which will be 60 photos in a hand-made album. It is hard to know what is a normal price these days, even as a photographer! Don't know if this helps? I just joined WOL and my site is at if you want to have a look. best regards. Rolf Rolf Zaska Photography
nini83 Posts: 1917
Ours is 2500 thats his basic package but he is amazing and we want him so thats that!
happieout Posts: 3111
as a very recent bride, i would have to say price is not everything re photographers. ours is costing about 2200 and the photos i saw were fab. If i were back again though i would have gone for a photographer i'd heard of personally - mine was a bit silly on the day and kept making silly "jokes". He also didn't go to check out the venue beforehand as agreed so i felt like i had to direct him and it really annoyed me - I'd emailed him a list of photos we wanted before hand and i'm pretty sure we wont have them all. I'd gladly have paid extra for a more professional manner!
Cudsxxx Posts: 208
Hi Check out our photos. I couldn't fault our photographer. He is a lovely calm guy, managed to capture all of the special moments and very reasonable indeed. Cxxx O-O
seabride11 Posts: 231
hi ours is 2000 for two photographers, house to start of dinner- 300 photos presented in gift box and 40 page graphix studio storybook photo album- h2b got a canvas thrown in
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
Capa, that sounds like great package even without the canvas :yelrotflmaosmilie: Do you mind telling who that's with? :thnk
Diamond Photography Posts: 237
Hi Bos2b, Its very difficult to say what is a standard price. They vary so much from as there can be so many factors involved such as studio, overheads, assistants, demand etc etc. What should be key, is a point that you mentioned, you like them and their work! Remember you are going to spend the most part of the day with them, not directly but they will be with you, following you to capture your day in a style that you like. For me this is fundamental in any booking. You want to be comfortable with them, this will ensure that you get the images you want. The day itself will be stressful enough as all the planning is now converging on this one day and the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable with a photographer. Apart from the videographer, all the other suppliers will in an out in less than 5mins. If you like them and you think they are worth it, then book them. Best of luck on your day and plans. Fergul
nini83 Posts: 1917
Cudsxxx had a peep at your wedding hope you don't amazing you looked beautiful in fact your whole wedding was stunning ...where was the location?I loved it very classy yet modern and contempory...the two of you looked so happy many congrats x
seabride11 Posts: 231
rachelh i've just sent you private message but to be honest not sure if you got it .They are called Lifestudio based in Patricks st in Cork, travelling to west cork for us is included in the price- saw samples thought they were fab