Wedding Photos if raining

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Lbyrne121 Posts: 19
Hi All, I am getting married in a small quaint venue that has lovely gardens, however if it rains on the day there isn't much places in the hotel for photos. Has anyone ever been in this situation? Also if any Slane brides out there do you know anywhere close to the town that you could get photos indoors that would be nice? Thanks
clance2105 Posts: 6
Hi There, We recently got married (May 7th) and it rained from when I went into the church until late evening! We still took our photos outside however as we had our hearts set on it. We got married in Clare so I'm not much use to you for indoor suggestions. We used quirky, vintage umbrellas to enhance our shots and keep us dry! Pics turned out really nice too and it was a bit of fun I hope you get some great weather but if not, don't despair! There are certainly loads of possibilities and your photographer should be able to guide you! Anna
Newbiem2b Posts: 36
[quote="clance2105":1q3r0f79]Hi There, We used quirky, vintage umbrellas to enhance our shots and keep us dry! Pics turned out really nice too and it was a bit of fun Anna[/quote:1q3r0f79] Hi Anna, do you mind me asking where you got your umbrellas? I am getting married in March so I am pretty sure it will rain :eek so looking out for some nice umbrellas and praying that there wont be gale force winds :yelrotflmaosmilie:
clance2105 Posts: 6
Hi Newbiem2b, We borrowed umbrellas the day before the wedding on the 'off chance' it would rain! We didn't think it would because all week had been fab and we were promised a heatwave that weekend. Unfortunately that was not the case! March could be good but I know you'll want to be prepared! So we borrowed a couple of clear umbrellas and for luck, the driver of the VW campervan we hired had a nice white one too. I know there are plenty of sites you can buy them on but they all seem to start at €20-€30 per brolly and that seemed a bit much to me. Thanks, Anna
Lbyrne121 Posts: 19
Hi Anne, You don't mind me asking where you got your VW minibus from, I have been trying to get one but they all seem to be booked out :-(
denlo Posts: 124
As photographers we've been in this situation on a few occasions - it's only to be expected in Ireland. We carry a boot load of clear and colourful umbrellas and if the Bride is up for it, out into the rain we go....... You mention Slane - is it the Millhouse because they have a lovely big stone building that's lovely for indoor photos.
Lbyrne121 Posts: 19
No its not the millhouse it's Conyngham Arms Hotel... I have been onto my photographer and will try and find somewhere as a backup place just incase
Casperlady Posts: 166
Not married yet but I'm planning on getting heart shaped umbrellas for a few fun outdoor pics if it rains. You should go to your venue and ask them where are good places for pics if it rains or if your photographer knows the venue well he/she will know the best photo ops for rainy weather