Wedding Planner - viable for a tight wedding???

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Oct09B2B Posts: 374
We are just beginning to organise our plans for next year and I have been scared to death by the Mount Wolseley post where they are increasing prices by 25%. It seems that you might need a solicitor with you to make sure you don't get caught like this, or at least someone with experience. So, I'm thinking, is a wedding planner a viable option for a reasonable size wedding or are they just for the big splash weddings?
Cork Oct 08 Posts: 749
You can have a wedding planner/consultant for any size wedding and they can do as much or as little as you like.
Dillon Posts: 68
You can have a wedding planner for any size wedding I am having a wedding planner maybe you should go on to the website or give them a ring and see what they say its perfect day planners they are brilliant and they know what they are talking about. I am getting married the 1st of August 08 and they have helper me loads.