wedding planner wont answer

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hails Posts: 14
Help.... Ok so a month ago we meet with a wedding planner now we cant get hold of her. We plan on getting married in lanzarote so sadly need her. What will i do? Im desprate to find out how much she worked everything out to be, booking deposits etc please tell me someone knows what to do?
January87 Posts: 280
Id start looking for a different planner... how can you contemplate even staying with this girl when you can't get in contact with her at the start of your planning journey?
hails Posts: 14
Thanks january87 i guess im just torn coz she was highly recommended and the next choice arent as good
Bootsie Posts: 448
agreed! have you paid anything? I wouldn't be dealing with anyone that was hard to get in touch with. Not worth the hassle
hails Posts: 14
No nothing paid we meet with her a month ago and were asking prices etc (only starting planing) and heard nothing since :-( shes ment to be the best aswell