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Fluffy stuff Posts: 25
Hiya, Has anyone used a wedding planner, or does anyone plan to? What do they actually do, and are they worth the money - i.e. do they save you money on things (even though it costs to have one in the first place)? Fluffy x
Starchaser Posts: 319
Bumping you up because I'm in the same boat. Good luck. x
Deirdre 5167 Posts: 60
i feel it really depends on a few things 1) do you know exactly what you want 2) have you got the time to plan the arrangements yourselve 3) have you included it in you budget. we got married on 23rd may 08. while planing i found some great website, i found a local shop (that i did not know was there) that supplied or sorced all items needed. this shop is based in skerries. ( the lady was great she does not charge a fee) pm me if you want any details we had a rat pack theme, ie table were called frank sanatra etc, we had tuxado and wedding dress name card holders, which i got online. the favors were top hats and hand bags which i got in donegal.(found supplier at the rds bridal show. a lot of items you can get there. ie ice scupture, favors, wedding stamps, good luck with all your planning, i really enjoyed it. if you need any free advice or help pm me. hope this helps you .
Fluffy stuff Posts: 25
Thanks for the reply Deidre - it sounds like you were really lucky to find a local shop that did everything you needed! I got married myself last year, but I'm asking the question for a friend who is stressed up to her eyes at the thought of planning her wedding. I must say that as much as I enjoyed the process, it was also really hard and tiring too... I wouldn't want to repeat it again in a hurry lol... I was glad when all the organising was over... So that's why I was wondering if a wedding planner would be the way to go for my wedding-organising phobic friend... :o0 She would have a budget in mind, but not really what she wants from it - i.e. it sounds like you were very organised, but I think she'd need a lot of guidance as the poor thing hasn't got a clue!!
Dillon Posts: 68
i am getting married the 1st of august and i am using am using a wedding planner and she is great what info do you know
Starchaser Posts: 319
Hi Dillon. Could you pm me the name of your planner. Would love someone who has been recommended. Thanks x
Fluffy stuff Posts: 25
Yes, and can you PM me the details too if you don't mind - a recommendation would be great!
lisaeire Posts: 163
hey girls dont know if you've already organized your planners but i know a great one check out her website she gets you great discounts and deals from a list of suppliers thus saving you money she creates gorgeous weddings