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BlaBla1234 Posts: 80
Can u PM me a price pls :-)
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
PMs sent Karen
applebird Posts: 131
Can you PM a price too, please?
streco80 Posts: 343
Hiya, can you pm me the price also? Thanks a mil :)
brideinthehill Posts: 1
Hi, Can you please pm me a price and what areas you hire to? Thanks
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
Inline - Algarve WP
Cokes79 Posts: 23
This is exactly what Im looking for!! :eek I nearly bought materials to make one! Where are you based and where deliver too and how much and how heavey is it and tell me more!! So happy I got sent this thread by the best BM in the world! :thnk
happyeverafterinvites Posts: 228
PM sent
4july14 Posts: 5
hi, can u mail me details too....donegal based july 14 wedding, thx
Edel808 Posts: 1
Hi, pls could you message with details of hire price and locations you hire to. Thanks