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jambo5 Posts: 60
Hi Girls Can anyone shed some light on what i could give to a couple who are living abroad and i will be going over to attend the wedding there?? :xxx
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Money!! Sorry but times are tough for everyone. I'm not getting married abroad and have not or willl not say it to anyone unless asked but I would def prefer money and would imagine your friends would be the same?
luisamac Posts: 36
I agree with Sunny505. Money would be the best. Although - are you going to their home for the wedding, or are they going to be abroad themselves? If they're already at "home" - then you could perhaps take something physical. If you're worried about breakable while travelling; get something made of material, or very small so you can pack it safely. But, if they're having to travel after the wedding themselves - then I would definately suggest either money - or perhaps some sort of gift voucher from a shop where they live so they can purchase something once they're home. we had our wedding in Australia, and 90% of people gave us money/vouchers. we knew this would happen, so were very strict as to put it all together and made some nice big purchases when we got back here. best of luck with making your decision.