wedding present ideas for work friend

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babybaker Posts: 522
hi just looking for some suggestions have worked with this girl for nearly 9 years we are great friends as well as work mates! we work in a small business 6 of us in total so would be close enough! she is getting married in portugal in two weeks a family thing so none of us are going to it! but we really want to get her something nice as a present! no budget yet or anything but we have zero ideas too lol!! all we came up with is a voucher for shanahans on the green or chapter 1??? she lives with her fiancee years now and they have a little girl so house kinda things are not really needed! he is bug into his cars and she doesnt really have any hobbies as such! help please guys xx
ninja next Posts: 1548
what a about a bluebooks voucher then they case choose a night away or a fab dinner (chapter one is in it). We got a few and loved them. My work crowd got us all for one voucehrs which were great.
dilin o damhsa Posts: 776
Are you doing a group gift from the work group? A voucher is always lovely and if a few of you were going in together you could get a hotel one. Blueboots in a brilliant idea. We got a Mr&Mrs Smith one which was brilliant too. Is there a house gadget that they might like? A coffee machine or a Magimix ( if going in together)
babybaker Posts: 522
cool i will check that out now and see thanks! yep its goin to be a group present!