Hi Girlies, This is a little warning for all you bride to be's.... i got married on saturday the 10th of March we went on our honeymoon on the tuesday which was the 13th of March and returned on the 28th of March (part of honeymoon was a week Carribbean cruise amazing with royal carribbean would recommend it :)) all our gifts had been left in our apartment and we didn't get time to go through them all before we left any way long story short we had got these john rocha glasses from house of frasier as a present but the glasses are too big to fit in our press the person who got them for me had left a gift receipt in the card so i thought i would exchange them in homewares for something i needed so on wednesday the 7th of March i went in and was told that the receipt was out of date!!! O:| The present had been bought on the 28th of February a couple of weeks before the wedding i had never even looked at it cos i thought gift receipt perfect.... the glasses are worth 241 euro on sale at 181 at this point and i was told that this was all i could get for them if the manager allowed me to exchange for something in the waterford crystal wedgewood department ONLY!!! i was honestly really upset :weep i spoke to a manager the next day and she was very nice but explained that i could exchange for something in the department only and said the original price would stand!! which is something but the problem is i don't need or want anything in that department so i will probably end up getting a vace i don't want and a picture frame or something.... anyway i just want to warn you all to check the presents you got if you can before you go away and get someone you trust to return the stuff you don't want... we had no wedding list and alot of people got us presents with no receipts that we can't return but this really upset me felt like i was being robbed off this present being restricted in one section didn't expect that with a big chain like house of frasier but was told that alot of bride and grooms try return stuff i.e. they lose alogf of money fom that department if i had returned it wothin the 28 days would of got a voucher to the value of the money to use where i wanted in house of frasier!! silly but how i felt!!!! hope this saves someone else the upset!!!