Wedding put back by 6 mths

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aurelie Posts: 121
We've decided to put our wedding back by 6mths (financial reasons - what else!!) We had everything decided on but nothing booked for our original date. So... my question is what should I be doing to keep me in weddingy mode. I'm having a bit of a lull now and feel like it's all to far away to be getting excited. We dont have much money until after xmas for deposits so we cant book anything until january and because of original date we've already decided on pretty much everything. I really want to have things to do but i dont know what??? :-8 We cant start invites etc because although we've decided on venue, i'd be afraid to start them only to find out in january that its booked on our date. Sorry for the long wonded rambling post but has anyone any suggestions? Thanks :thnk must go change my ticker now - from 11mths back to 16 :o( :wv
joker Posts: 2789
sorry to hear about your wedding being put back... :xox think of the positives.. you wont loose any deposits and you'll now have more time to make decisions... to be honest, we could do with postponing ours but we have all our deposits paid so hoping everything will come good!! you will be in a better position to bargain with suppliers too... relax until after xmas and then start in... I think we'd go abroad and get married if we had the choice ... just the two of us and head away and come back and have a party.... Keeo saving what you can and dont worry everything will come good...
trice0208 Posts: 600
hey sorry to hear you had to put it back, if i was you i try to totally forget about it till at least after xmas and then launch back into with a vigour. Focus on xmas and all that stuff
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
If your making the invites yourself you could design them and get them ready, mine are all ready to print the inserts and just to put them together after that? When I was making mine they took a couple of days. Same thing for the evening invites and thank you cards.
missuk2013 Posts: 244
Hi Petunia2010 That is exactly what we are doing, getting married in registry office here then that day we are flying off on our honeymoon and will have blessing abroad, just two of us, then home for a homecoming party. we must have saved about 5000 euro by doing it this way and we are not having many at the part, just 75 which is enough considering we are doing this on a budget. but good iead also to shop around for your homecoming party, we got a fantastic deal on ours and we are having nearly all of it with wedding decor, flowers candles, dj wedding cake etc etc.