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bubbles79 Posts: 79
bubbles8987 Posts: 12
i got engaged in 2005, the day after i got engaged H2Bs oldest sister announced she was getting married in 06 and went that very day and booked the hotel I had said i wanted to get married in! the following day his other older sister announced that she was getting married in 2007 and she would rather if we put ours off until 2008 - which we did! and now i totally regret it. She just didnt want two weddings in the one year and i was stupid enough to go along with what she wanted not what i wanted!! Im sure you can guess that im still a bit annoyed about it. I felt that they had ruined my whole engagement. But at the same time, if you have a good relationship with H2B's family discuss it with them-they mightn't have any problem with it! Good luck!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
To be honest if it was me I would be upset. It's to close, it would only breed competition between the two weddings. My H2B's brother is getting married 6 months after us and I'm even a bit annoyed by that as our wedding seems to be forgotten about and it's all about how they are getting on. We're getting married in just over 8 weeks. My hen is in 3 weeks but his brother's fiancee has already started to plan hers etc. It sort of feels like we're sharing a wedding even though they are months apart. I would have been really upset though if they got married just before us. Personally I think there should be a year between weddings in the same family to give each couple their own special day.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Bubbles8987 how awful that they announced their engagment straight after you. They should have waited a few months and let you have your moment. It's strange how they both seemed to get engaged just after ye did and how they both got in there first with their dates, were they jealous of ye? Anyway I'm sure you must have hated putting it off but at least you have time to save a bit longer and make your own day even more special. Good luck with it
Anonymous Posts: 24542
It's a difficult one. A cousin of mine got engaged secretly 6 months before they announced it officially - they wanted to announce it on her birthday - unfortinately just before they did, her FSIL announced her engagement. All seemed OK as the FSIL wanted to get married quickly, so my cousin arranged hers for a year later, i.e. 6 months after the date the FSIL said was her cut-off. Then the FSIL did nothing about organising their wedding, and my cousin and her h2b really wanted to firm up their date. FSIL said they couldn't, but they did anyway. THen a month out from cousin's wedding, her FSIL announced she was getting married less than 4 weeks before them and insisted it was her right as she got engaged (officially) first and was a year older than her brother... :eek Petty or what?
gerbil Posts: 3528
Pomegranate that's the meanest, pettiest thing ...blooming hell peopel go mad over weddings don't they? :eek Bubbles79....I really think it is acceptable, as long as you ok it with the other couple. TBH they have ammounced their wedding etc, and you will be being a bit cheeky getting in in front, but if you have good reasons they should really understand. But be warned! if you askt hem if it's okay they may say no :o0 Best of luck with it! :wv
bubbles79 Posts: 79
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
People get a wedding day - not a month, a season or a year. Organise your wedding as you wish. SBB
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
It is hard isn't it? We announced our engagement in January and a few weeks later FSIL announced hers. I had been enjoying the fun and attention (I normally have no news and fuss is always about other people, so this was my turn!) ... so I wasn't exactly thrilled that now there were two weddings being planned in the same family. I'm over it now though, I think. She's having hers abroad though which helps a lot, as the planning etc will be very different so we can find out each other's news without worrying that one is copying the other etc Actually the way it's turned out I don't feel people are making enough of a fuss about hers, maybe it's because she hasn't been going out with her H2B as long as we have (we're 11 years and counting) so people were delighted we'd finally got around to ours...? I'll have to catch up with her soon and find out all her news. It's just sod's law though isn't it - there can be no weddings in a family for years and then there seems to be a spate of them.H2B's other sister got married last year, and there's only the three of them, so all three getting married within a couple of years.
mrsnearlythere Posts: 474
Well, i am getting married 6 months after my sister, we are not officially engaged either so no one knows (except sister). we are flat out sorting it all out for her, which TBH is great as i m getting loads of ideas from helping her!!! it is hard to organsie the two within a few months though! THe spanner in the works happened last month when FBIL said that him and girlfriend were going to set a date soon! They have been engaged for donkey years and i am afraid they are going to book a date really near ours! H2B has loads of family in US and Oz so i am really scared they will only come to one wedding in the family! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Am raging really as i know well they are going to end up getting married a few weeks after us!!!!!arrrgghhh!!!!