Wedding ring for an engagement ring with a high setting

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spain2010! Posts: 83
Hey girls, I'm planning on going wedding ring shopping soon :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I have a five stone engagment ring with a very high setting. I've tried on wedding bands at wedding fairs, but none of them have suited my ring, they can hardly be seen as the engagement ring seems to high for them. When looking at engagement rings, the jeweller where H2B bought the ring was suggesting eternity ring type rings, and these seem to be the only ones which are not covered over by my engagment ring. However, I think that I would now like a plain band, or else a plain band with five small stones set into the band to match each of the five on my e-ring. I would also like to try a channel-set band to match. I was wondering if anyone has a similar setting to mine and what wedding band you went with??? My ring is similar to the one below except it has round brilliant diamonds. Thanks! :wv
lexiebaby Posts: 153
You could get one made. It actually costs around the same as buying one off the shelf and you can choose exactly what you want. I got my engagement ring made and went yesterday to see about wedding ring. The goldsmith i use (as i;m sure they all do) makes up a wax model first so you can try out a few styles until you find one you like.
satc09 Posts: 178
i have a very high setting on my ering too, i havent started looking for my wedding ring yet though i'm interested in any suggestions the wollies might have O-O
Littlebo Posts: 2598
HIya, I have the exact same ring with round stones too.....I bought it in New York, did you? Love it but I haven't got a Wedding Ring yet either and am having the exact same problems. Plain bands don't look well with mine ( but I think this may be my finger also.)....but the diamond ones do but they have to be around the same size as the smaller stones or it won't look right. Going to the Canaries next Week and I am going to look there as they have high risen rings there seemingly. Our ring is very american as most of theirs are high raised. My other option is to get it made and I may well do this as it may be the best thing in the long run. Good Luck and I will let you know how I get on and please let me know if you have any luck. Thanks.
spain2010! Posts: 83
Glad to hear there are some more in the same boat! Myrrh, thanks for the advice. I think I will have to get one made. Littlebo, I didn't get it in New York, but in Aksoy in Cork. They have really unusual rings for Ireland and I've only ever seen similar rings on American websites! I am going to go back to them first. As I said above, at the time we were looking at e-rings, they were recommending an eternity type ring with the stones similar in size to the smaller ones in the ring. Maybe they could make a channel-set one, or a normal band but raise up the centre part, if you get what I mean? I would be very interested to hear how you get on in the Canaries as I'm heading there this summer! Thanks :wv
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Such a beautiful Ring and yes definitely of an american style. I am gong the end of May to the Canaries so I promise you I will let you know. I was here last year and couldn't get over the price of diamonds and rings and event the certified ones. They were even cheaper than New York!! SO I am definitely going scouting but the only problem is I won't leave the ring in the shop as I would be too afraid, but let's wait and see. Am now thinking I may go for a different Wedding Ring altogether and wear my engagement ring on the other finger.......what you think? I suppose I'll probably know when I see them on.