Wedding Ring- not just plain band?

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RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
i contacted the company we bought my engagement ring off to see would they recommend a wedding ring to go with my engagement ring. they send me a link to this ring. my eng ring has one diamond in the middle and then 2 small ones either side. i love the ring but think it looks more like an eternity ring than a wedding ring? anyone else looking at rings that arent just the band? this is the ring [attachment=1:rpczgyw4]img.jpg[/attachment:rpczgyw4] this would be the 2 rings together.. u have to imagine a diamond in the middle!! [attachment=0:rpczgyw4]img1.jpg[/attachment:rpczgyw4] What do you wollies think?
GirlFriday Posts: 1815
My wedding band has diamonds going half way around it sort of eternity ring-style, I tried plain bands but they just brought down the look of my Ering. The bit of sparkle in the Wring made them look so much better together :wv
bridenl Posts: 454
I think a plain band would look lovely with it.
MrsBuck Posts: 846
Hi I have a solitaire and i have gone for a band with 7 diamonds in it, i really liked the plain gold band but i figured that i could always by a plain band later if i wanted !
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
I have a yellow gold solitaire <-- Like my pic and I'm getting a wedding band with 7 diamonds down the band (but not the whole way around) Mine are a different setting the ring above, they're set into the band more. I think the pic above is matching up the diamond settings to your engagement ring, I think it looks lovely. A friend of mine has a wedding ring just like it but it wasn't made for it so it doesn't sit into it. I think yours would make a gorgeous set. Can a girl ever have enough diamonds? :-8
onewilldo Posts: 337
I agree with 3012, the set looks fab! it will be really eye catching! :compress
peachykeenmcc Posts: 9
wow!! :o)ll :o)ll I think that set together would look FABULOUS! you can never have too much sparkle, especially when they go so well together - I reckon you should go with that!! I havent found my wedding ring yet, but i'm definitely going to go with diamonds in the band - plain ones are lovely too, but just not for me :)
cora11 Posts: 348
My E-ring is a platinum solitaire and I chose a 5 stone diamond platinum wedding band. Its not your tyrpical wedding band but it will be MY wedding ring and I love it!!!! Cant wait to wear it. That ring in the pic is gorgeous and if it looks fab with your ring go for it! I wouldnt get caught up in the whole "im waiting for the eternity ring palava".... personally I will definitly be getting an equally fabulous eternity ring!! Go with what feels right and splash out! The way I look at it is i will be wearing it for the rest of my life so its an investment! xxxx
jollymorgan Posts: 50
I think both a plain band or diamond set wedding ring will look beautiful. It will depend on your personality. I have an engagement ring similar to yours. I had the same dilema, the girls in the shop loved the bling, I found it hard to make up my mind but ended up going with a plain wedding band but that's me, simple with not too much bling.... Plus I do want to get an eternity ring too when we're married a year :lvs
mamajen Posts: 2263
I'm going for a channel set diamond wedding band, there are 8 diamonds in my band. I think it's nice to have the bit of extra bling!!