Wedding Ring to match solitaire e-ring???

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winter08bride Posts: 863
Have recently started shopping for our wedding bands (rings) and was told by a lady in a reputable jewellery store in Dublin that only a plain platinum ring will suit my 1ct diamond solitaire engagment ring :o( For those of you with diamond solitaire e-rings......what type of wedding band have you chosen? :thnk
sillysocks Posts: 1390
What shape is the solitaire? I've a 0.8 carat round solitare and just this weekend picked out a ring like this that looked lovely with it (although only going to get diamonds on the front half of the ring not the whole way around, and there wasn't as much space between the diamonds on the one I tried either). Off to Dubai next week so hoping to get it for half nothing over there!! [img:3snkvn0w][/img:3snkvn0w]
winter08bride Posts: 863
Its a round brilliant cut. Id love a wedding ring with little diamonds on it but was told it would overpower the e-ring too much! Im not happy with the plain band.
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Just go to plenty of shops and try on all different ones. That's what I did because I wanted an idea of the kind of ring I wanted before I got to Dubai. For some reason the ones with just the round diamonds in it didn't look as nice as the one above, can't explain why! I tried a nice one in Fields as well, think this was it in Platinum. There are so many different types out there with different settings until you try them its hard to tell. [img:tb6hvbni][/img:tb6hvbni]
rainyday Posts: 609
I got a diamond wedding band to go with my solitaire e-ring. Not sure how well they go together, but don't care! I didn't pick my engagement ring, so was excited to try on all the diamond rings when we were shopping for our wedding rings. A girl I used to work with had a plain white gold band with her solitaire ring and it really set off the diamond. Just try on all different types and see what works best! (Edited because I forgot how large that picture comes out. Have resized it. Don't want to freak people out!)
LMR Posts: 1925
It really depends on how much bling you're into. My solataire is flanked my baguettes on either side and my w-ring has baguettes in. The effect is quite flashy (as so shiny!!) and wouldn't be to everyone's taste. A plain band will go with pretty much anything and won't date or take away form your e ring. Its really a matter of personal taste. I'd go and try a few different ones on as you may find what suits you and what you thought you wanted are two different things or it may confirm that you've got the right idea. Just remember its your choice and don't be pressured into having something you don't want or arn't happy with.
winter08bride Posts: 863
Thanks alot girls.
shoegals Posts: 1640
Have a look on Diamate website, I've seen a few on there to go with my solitare. One I was looking at (Pic wont post) has diamonds on the edge of the ring and the rest is plain band ifykwim. That was you have the best of both I think.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I have a .75 Solitare Platnum Engagement Ring. Got a Platnum wedding ring with a row of diamonds on the front of it. Shop around dont settle for what you dont want. You can always get a wedding band made.
winter08bride Posts: 863
We have been offered 40% off in the jewellery store where we bought my e-ring if we buy before next thurs - so im under pressure, their range is limited and the lady wasnt very helpful.