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kikib Posts: 76
Hi all, trying to get a handle on our finances at the moment, i feel like things are adding up quickly :( just wondering what a realistic budget for wedding rings is? i know it probably depends on the style. if any of ye have examples of budget for the groom (simple band) and then for the bride as well (maybe something with a bit of sparkle but not a thick band) thanks a mil :wv
Shellyr80 Posts: 16
I know its so hard to stay within budget! We ended up going with a very simple ring for him in pladium. You should be able to get something for around 300. I think silver is even cheaper but they don't recommend it as it wears. I got mine at the same time as my engagement ring so got a very good deal on it, but I have seen lovely diamond ones for less than 600? Maybe try going back to where you got your engagement ring and see if they will give you a good deal!
reginaandgary Posts: 32
there was a sale on when we went to get our rings! He got a plain white gold band it cost €250-ish and i got a white gold band with diamonds halfway around and it was about €500, there was a couple of hundred off them and because its the same shop where he bought the engagement ring, they gave us a further discount on them as well. I thought it was good value!!!
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
ashford Posts: 30
Plus one for Callaghans. We got ours there with the deal mentioned above. We actually got my engagement ring there too and they are fantastic to deal with!!
lorrimar Posts: 837
Topaz in Limerick make them and are very reasonable. For a plain gold band for me to fit around my engagement ring it's €250 and with 1/2 band diamonds it's around €400-€450. The jewellers where we bought the engagement ring were alot more expensive. The plain band there was around €400 and with 1/2 band diamonds it started around €600
Dolly83 Posts: 63
We've priced plain yellow gold and mine is around €600 and his is around €850.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I would highly recommend a wholesaler over a jeweller. We went to Murray's in Belfast and we paid (at the exchange at the time) €665 for a platinum plain band for work, a platinum 1/2 diamond band that matches my engagement ring and a palladium plain d shaped court for himself. Far better value than any jewellers we went to. All certified etc and all insured for their true value.
kikib Posts: 76
Thanks all, this is really helpful! thanks for the recommendations too but i'm actually in Cork :)
whereland Posts: 472
Platinum works on Oliver plunkett St is where we got ours- we spent a bit more than planned though, mine was €2000 and they pretty much gave my husbands for free as mine was quite pricey