Wedding rings - how long do we need?

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comprometida Posts: 143
We are getting married in May and haven't done anything about wedding rings yet - are we leaving it late? Can anyone give me advice on how long it takes to sort out your wedding rings? Thanks!
Jenron Posts: 259
You still have plenty of time but depending on the rings you want, some might take longer than others. For example my DH wanted a simple band and was able to collect it a couple of days later however mine had to be ordered in my size and took 6 weeks. Friends of ours went down the road of getting their rings specially designed and this took a few months from the start to when they got the rings. I'd suggest start looking now as there's no need to wait and it's a great feeling to get another thing ticked off the list.
dmcphotography Posts: 1365
Hi Comprometida I can give you the name of a fantastic manufacturing jeweller based in Dublin who has very reasonable prices and you can consult with their designer to [b:1amqa5fv]create bespoke rings which will be ready within 10 days. [/b:1amqa5fv]I recommend them for wedding rings to all couples that book me as their wedding photographer. They are not a supplier on WOL but if you want to contact me by PM or email to [email protected] I can give you the name and contact details. David McLean
meemee Posts: 121
We spoke with Voltaire at the RDS wedding show and they take approx 6 week's. However their advice was not to leave it 6 weeks before the wedding just in case, they said most couples tend to look 3-6 month before hand.
esla2016 Posts: 214
My bespoke took about 6 weeks, ordering his in took 3.
carallen2 Posts: 27
ours took 6 weeks to come in. DH wanted sth slightly diff, you have 3 mths- I would say look now which gives you lots of time.
Thumby Posts: 40
I was lucky enough when i went ring shopping. Picked out one i loved, tried it on and it was a perfect fit. However h2bs ring is a lot more expensive and detailed so we had to order that in and we were told about 8 to 10 weeks for it to be done and in.