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coolkeevs Posts: 483
hi guys just a quick question,i was in a jewellers the other day not looking for wedding bands but they started talkin to me and had no other way out of it, but anyways looked at wedding rings while i was there, just wondering had any of yas heard that the price of yellow gold is going up? i wasnt sure if i was getting the hard sell, ya know buy now before it gets more expensive or if he was telling the truth.i had actually thought yellow gold was getting less popular so wasnt as expensive, but maybe with the whole recession thin, things are different? just wondering if anyone else had heard this?
tanprincess Posts: 359
I'd say he was probably bullshitting. I found jewellers were serious bullshitters. I eventually got my ring in Irish rubies on Marlborough St for €140. The place is pretty basic but there is nobullshit or hard sell.
vinoqueeno Posts: 3511
I'd say they were just trying to make a quick sale. When we picked out our rings lately the jeweller actually told us that platinum had come down. She didn't say anything about yellow gold. Don't think it's anything to do with how popular either metal is - I think it's more to do with the world economy. If it's just a plain gold band you're looking for shop around. A friend of mine did & ended up getting her's in Argos - it was exactly the same ring, same carot etc. but a good couple of hundred less!
starzzzz Posts: 1123
could be true though in a recession people invest in metals cause they are a safer investment so it does make the metal more expensive, ive heard from a few jewellers that golds going up and my ring isnt gold so its not just a hard sell. edited it too add googled the price Gold Price Will Pierce $1,000, Just a Matter of When Gold Price Close Today : 957.30 Gold Price Close 24 July: 953.70 Change: 3.60 or 0.4% platinum also heading up now Platinum Price Close Today: 1,258.50 Platinum Price Close 24 July: 1,211.40 Change: 47.100 or 3.9%
Babybump2013 Posts: 271
ya the price of gold is rocketing apparently. have heard of a load of jewelry shops looking to buy gold with signs even on windows.
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
A number of jewellers that we went to at the weekend told us that the price of gold was going up. I presume its becuiase people are buying it as it is a "safe" commodity to have when the world markets are fluctuating but i could be wrong.
keyra Posts: 801
I would buy ASAP if i was you, not trying to scare you but when we went to buy H2B ring about 3 weeks ago, the one he wanted was 18ct yellow gold and was £300 stg in stock but it didn't fit him so they rang up supplier to get a price to order it in the correct size and it was going to be £700 stg :ooh . Needless to say we bought a ring which was in stock. :o0
molly moo Posts: 363
Myself and h2b were browsing in the shops and I saw a ring that I liked in a jeweller's window so went in to have a look, anyway to cut long story short said we weren't buying now etc.. and the man said to promise him we'd buy our rings before Nov because the price is going up then of gold! So he prob was telling the truth! :wv
coolkeevs Posts: 483
thanks guys,really wasnt sure if the man was right but if a few other of yas have heard the same thing then it must be right, umm the thought of getting a ring now, am afraid i might change my mind, well an excuse to go shopping anyways.