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lisheenking Posts: 5
Just setting targets for my saving..... Wedding is in july 2017 with guest list of 300...about how much would we want to be saving for it? thanks in advance.... :xox
Sin16 Posts: 236
Make out a budget with everything you will spend so band venue photographer make up dress bridesmaids decor etc etc. Then you will know exactly. Your budget and then savings all depends on that.
grace87 Posts: 2
Hi, I'm exactly the same. I have quoted for a few things so far. Minus clothing, decorations and flowers we are already at 25,000. That's nothing fancy just the basics. So I'm thinking around 30,000 in the end.
Sin16 Posts: 236
Wow.i guess if your numbers are around 300 then yes you would be looking at that amount. We have approx 140 and are at 18000 but hoping to get it down but doubtful.
grace87 Posts: 2
Yes its crazy money for one day. There is many things you can do yourself especially decorations even flowers if you don't want real ones, so many options now with euro stores and eBay. Though people keep telling me every penny spent is worth it.
Mrsf2b2015 Posts: 14
It depends on your venue really what your rough estimate figure is! 300 is such a big crowd...we had 180 and I thought we had a huge crowd! Ours was roughly 27k including everything!
ciarac16 Posts: 7
Did u save the full 27k?! Was honeymoon included!!
lisheenking Posts: 5
Thanks a ill for the replies. We have roughly 300 coming and have estimated the cost at around 30000 with the honeymoon and like others have said thats just for the basics. Would i have to save 30000 or would 15000 be more realsitic and rely on wedding presents for the rest???
Sin16 Posts: 236
Well you still have to pay for the wedding before you get any presents. If 15000 is what you can save then maybe you need to revisit your guest list. Sorry!
NinjaDonDon Posts: 300
In the nicest possibly way, do not rely on presents to pay for your wedding! A lot of things need to be paid for up front or envelops at the ready the morning of so it's not feasible. For the likes of the hotel which you balance the morning after, do you really want to spend the morning ripping through cards (probably not even reading them) in the hope that you'll have enough for the bill? If 300 guests is too expensive, split your list into meal and evening invites. Weddings are so diverse nowadays that people won't get offended. Plus, will you genuinely have the time to speak to all of your guests on the day if you invite 300? We had 175ish and we still missed out speaking with some of our guests. We didn't give into inviting loads of friends of our parents or all the neighbours or anything like that, just people we honestly wanted there with us. Whatever you decide, it'll be the right decision for you and your husband to be.