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kittypurry Posts: 897
i bought the ivory ones in the oconnell street branch. i fell in love with them when i seen them. i wont be using them as wedding shoes though, too early for that, but i'm sure i'll find something to wear them with :o0
Skittlespink Posts: 406
I spotted these the other day ( in Limerick) and bought 2 pairs for my b-maids... am absolutely delighted for them, they are exactly what i was thinking of and what a bargain! Am thinking of putting a pink diamond in the middle of the flowers... ( dress's are pink)! :o)ll :o)ll
lstars Posts: 1199
OMG!! :o)ll so cheap! must try to get to a pennys. chatterbox- i pm'd you my number O-O
perfection Posts: 837
o girls do you thing you could dye them!!!!
daimpunkle Posts: 167
That is amazing value and a brilliant saving ;o)
candypants Posts: 8575
Glad you all like them! Id say if you want them though get them soon, pennys stuff come in and back out in no time! :o)ll
kazra Posts: 63
Big_Chatterbox your a legand :xox going to check them out tomorrow hope they'll still be there :thnk
Pebbles3 Posts: 77
Wow thats such a great find - anyone know if they are comfy? Really important to know O-O
streaks Posts: 3592
I was thinking silver aswell miss chatterbox, just think white will be so hard to fimd in the style and with the heel I want but I'm going to keep my eyes open for both when I star shoe shopping which would want to be soon by the looks of the ticker!! :o)ll
elizajane Posts: 631
miss's giggles and chattebox - in the same boat and they're soooooooooo hard to find O:| Someone on here told me that paradox (most styles) can be ordered in white so i rang their UK place to see if twas the case - i was told that it was but there was an extra cost and that its done through the shops that stock them so theres an option for us - just want to see how much they are in the first place now!!!! Will keep ye posted - heading to the UK at the weekend and theres a pair in BHS on their website that look ok and maybe could b jazzed up with a couple of diamante or wee pearls sown on if that possibe when i see them! BTW - if ya think white shoes for brides are fun to find, try white pumps for FG's -- one of who is an adult size 4 but only 10yrs of age!! O:| Again - one pair in BHS that goes up to that size and are in white!! Fingers crossed for wknd!! Now who would have thought that been a "white" bride could be so difficult!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: oh the irony!!