Wedding Singer/Band for very small weddig?

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AnneandRonan Posts: 1
Am looking for a wedding singer/band for our wedding in Slane on 16th July 2015. Only smal wedding of 33 people aged between 6 and mid-70s so need somebody who can sing a wide range to suit all. Price range €250 - €300. Can anybody help???
Jenn.Jenn Posts: 10
Hey Anne have you checked out Music Angel? They're a label for some great wedding bands in Ireland - I've booked one of their bands Sway Social after seeing them live a few months ago and their bookings co-ordinator Niamh is really helpful. Maybe worth a look seeing as they have bands both big and small? I've found venues are also helpful for recommending bands they've had there before so maybe get onto your venue and see who they would recommend? :) I don't know about your budget however but bands are usually negotiable!
summer2016 Posts: 23
I also booked sway social for my wedding, there brilliant! seen a few bands but sway social were the best I love their video on youtube!