Hi guys, Myself and my other half are due to get married in October 2019, officially past the 6 month stage and so excited for the day. We are one of the first in our friend groups to get wed, and wanted to touch base with a few of you to see if you had any thoughts/advice on how to deal with some teething problems we've been having with our wedding singer. To set some perspective- we came across a singer who we both loved, but wouldn't market themselves as a wedding singer, they are a young artist, trying to break into the scene. We contacted them to see if they would be available on our date and open to doing weddings, and they responded, a number of weeks later saying they were. We were delighted and went from there, swapping logistics of place/time, getting a contract signed and paying a 20% deposit to secure the date. At this point, all was fine and the wedding was about 9-10 months away so we put planning on the back burner and got on with our other duties/daily lifes etc. About 3 months ago, just at the start of 2019, we contacted the singer just with a query regarding potential choices etc. and we found it extremely difficult to get a response, and were often waiting weeks at a time- we didn't mind this so much, as we knew the wedding was so far away and we all have our own jobs and daily duties to get on with- so didn't pass much heed. Eventually we got a response and were told that it was easier to use whatsapp, as email wasn't a platform they used- on this suggestion we set up a whatsapp group for use for any queries or question either side may have had. We set the group up in February, about 2 months ago, and both sent a message saying hi and just letting them know that we were excited to have them on board for the day and how much we were looking forward to it- again a response was difficult to gauge, but about 2 weeks later we received a lovely reply, asking us to send over some suggestions we had for songs, she would do a quick demo recording of each (30 seconds or so of each to make sure we were happy with the choices) and we would go from there, we did and this was perfect. We waited for about 2.5 months (up until last week) and never heard back- we were starting to get a bit concerned, as we thought it was quite a long time and just waned to check in. I sent a quick message just letting them know that they could reach us here or by email with any questions they had- this was ignored for 2 weeks. I sent a follow up message just asking if they received our past message (as I know sometimes phones go missing, people change numbers and things can be forgotten) and we immediately received a reply. The reply was over the top, extremely apologetic and the singer was going into all the personal reasons as to why they hadn't gotten back to us. Now this made us slightly uncomfortable, as we didn't want to be causing any additional strain on people, and just checked in to see if all was going ok. The reply we received suggested that the samples would be sent over by the following evening (at the latest) to which we thanked them and told them we couldn't wait. However we noted that in the message there were a lot of inconsistencies i.e. "I have the songs nearly together" / "personal reasons have caused a delay in sitting down to record the tracks". The following morning, we received a message saying that they were having trouble with the recordings and they would have them over to us as soon as possible- obviously again, another convenient excuse to delay what we had been told the previous evening that they had "nearly together". This is now over a week ago and to no surprise to ourselves, we haven't received anything. We are both very very reasonable people- and understand that the wedding is a number of months away, however we are slightly concerned with both the lack of response to general queries (up to 2.5 months), and the discrepancies within the responses. We are both getting quite worried that this singer will let us down on the day- we have time to look for someone else at this point, but don't want to leave it much later to do so if we have to. We aren't looking for much, or demanding anything unreasonable- just for us to feel secure that they will perform on the day and not let us down last minute, and the short demos that we've paid the deposit for would be sent on by a set date, even if that is in a few weeks- and not to be lied to by overzealous apologies. I am wondering has anyone experienced this sort of issue and how you would deal with it? Thanks in advance for any help, it's much appreciated