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Jeidi Posts: 3128
I ordered my wedding stamps on the an post website this morning - when should I expect to get them in the post?
beachgal Posts: 158
got mine within a week
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
I've a friend working in the post office who tells me these are being discontinued so anyone who's planning on getting them for 2008 weddings should pick them up now before they're all gone
Milly2008 Posts: 537
What are the stamps like? It's sounds like a lovely idea.
AB123 Posts: 42
Hi What will happen if I bought the stamps now and 4 months later the cost of a stamp goes up - the wedding stamps I bought for wedding next September would then need an additonal one to cover cost.......think I'll buy ordinary one's closer to the time
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
nothing will happen they will stand over the stamps being valid this is what we were told when we bought them in GPO regardless of price going up the N vaule will stay the same. hope this helps try to see the stamps [img:cri4ncnb][/img:cri4ncnb]
MrsH2Boct07 Posts: 274
I got mine within the week too
Spanish Bride 2b Posts: 778
They're fab! Any idea when they're being discontinued?
Milly2008 Posts: 537
They look really nice - pity there don't have other designed to choose from though.
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Wow they look lovely. Wish I had known about them before we sent out our invites.