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augm2b Posts: 151
Hi girls, does anyone know the name of the web site you can order your wedding stamps on, or can they be ordered from the P.O.? Also how long to they take to come in? Thanks!
irishbrideinlondon Posts: 210
when I enquired about them when i came home, my local PO was able to order them for me. Think they come in books of 10still. They said it would take only a few days. Hope that helps. Mabye google the GPO and go on their web site?
augm2b Posts: 151
Oh thanks for the quick reply! Might check out the P.O. on Monday..cheers! :thnk
kae Posts: 83
augm2b Posts: 151
Thats' the one :thnk
mrsmac2b Posts: 56
my local post office had them. they had number of different books fo 10, so was able to pick what i liked.
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
If you order and collect them from a post office you don't have to pay for postage & packaging.
augm2b Posts: 151
Thats' a good point winter with me to the P.O. on Monday..thanks for all the help :o)ll
jen007-09 Posts: 255
Our wedding is just over the 4 month mark, do ye think its safe to buy the stamps now, a bit worried if I buy them and they increase the charge of them in a couple of months time! Don't want to have to stick a second stamp on them too! :-8
dancingfeet Posts: 826
If your that worried you could ask the post office if the rates are due to change anytime soon