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*gone* Posts: 4785
Girls, did any of you experience your other halves experience a bit of a phobia of talking about the actual "wedding"? Since we got engaged, it's been great - we are so much more relaxed with each other and getting on brilliant ... we talk about getting married and kids and the works ... the one thing is, he doesn't want to talk about organising the actual wedding!! I think its freaking him out a little bit!! Anyone experience something similar? CC
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Hiya, I went through something similar. We were both so happy to be engaged to each other and the be committing to the future. However, when I started mentioning dates, locations etc he went a bit weird. And I think it freaked him out a bit about how much organisation it actually takes. However I made us have an open frank conversation about the type of day we wanted & once he realised that I wasn't looking for a huge lavish wedding he came around. He's very much into it all now - although does think its funny about the type of things that pop into my head!
jrm Posts: 53
If anything I'm experiencing the complete opposite. Talking about getting married/engaged/having kids was always hard work, and I felt like I was hauling uphill whenever I tried to discuss it. Now we've finally decided to go and get on with this whole marriage lark he seems much more relaxed about the whole thing. Happily discussing all and sundrie with me, and whilst he's not throwing himself into the organisation of it all, he does seem genuinely keen and interested when discussing any progress I've made with arrangements, and even coming up with idea himself. For the last 9 years even the mention of the word marriage/wedding and you could see the defenses go up...seems I now have a completely new fella, and i must say its refreshing.