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cake2 Posts: 5
We've decided on a theme for our wedding, "the movies" so far we have the tables named after famous films, we've looked at invites like theater tickets, decided on a red carpet photo shoot complete with fake awards for our guests and I'm researching Marryoke...we have personalised popcorn on the tables and a sweet trolly, and now I've run out of steam!I have no idea bout the cake or table decorations or any other touches, has any one got any ideas I could use?I hate any half arsed attempts, I don't wanna go OTT, either....
allsún Posts: 253
Did have a look on printerest. There are loads of film cake ideas on it.
nosie Posts: 449
Have a look on offbeat bride - search using the tag movies. There are loads of great ideas. For table decor you could do film trivia cards, or have place cards that look like those black & white shot summary things. Also, look at Oscar parties of the past for inspiration maybe?
cake2 Posts: 5
Thanks Allsun, I love Pinterest! Thing is, not all those ideas work over here....saw a beautiful cake with reel movie on it, made in California, fab fake movie cameras, bought in Denver....I was looking for ideas from real Irish brides, stuff that can be bought using €, stuff that is applicable to this climate etc. Tried n tested if you see what I mean..?
cake2 Posts: 5
Thanks Nosie, I'll take a peep there!!
allsún Posts: 253
I'm assuming you mean an Irish climate.A good caker in Ireland can make almost anything you want.the movie real could be easily made by anyone who is good at models for cake, the real itself is just images printed onto the icing. There are plenty of places around the country that can do that printing.I know my mother gets it done for her cakes in Galway regularly. The only thing is the more elaborate the design usually the more expensive it is as you are paying for all the work on the details that have to be put into it. If I were you I would pick out a few pictures of cakes you like and talk to a good caker, they should be able to help you design something that you are happy with.