Wedding - to go or not to go?

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chrystal Posts: 863
14082010 Posts: 2103
oh i feel your pain:( My h2b is best man for his friend next year and i dont really know anybody else going either, and like you i am quite shy until i have a few drinks >:o) But i feel i will need to be there for h2b as i know he would if it was other way around! I am sure we will be fine and get chattin :o)ll :o)ll Go and enjoy :wv
honeymoon baby Posts: 270
its a hard one!! i would kinda feel like a bit of a billy no mates aswell!! maybe if you could go to the hen night and get to know a few people that way. i went to a wedding last year and only knew the bride and my own h2b was coming as my guest but i found the hen night was a real ice breaker. then we paired up the girls i got on with at the hen and there partners straight away at the wedding. good luck with it
ohsotired Posts: 7071
Go go go!! It's a big day for your H2B too as Best Man!!
ItsOK Posts: 849
Hey crystal, I know how you feel cause I had this exact same problem with a wedding a couple of weeks ago. My h2b was groomsman for his best friend and I don't really know any of the friends, I was dreading going as he would be preoccupied a lot of the day n I'd be Billy no mates. I'm also quiet until I get to know people so that makes it all the harder. Anyway, went to the church and sat on my own but then h2b came over to me and introduced me to people in front of me so I sat with them. I decided not to go to the drinks reception as he would be getting fotos taken so went up to the room. I actually got myself a bit worked up as I was really nervous and was afraid that h2b wouldn't enjoy it cause he would be minding me. Well, I was totally wrong!! Got to know ppl at dinner and from then on had an absolute ball, danced all night, shots at the bar, it was one of he best weddings I've been to and have made loads of friends now :). So, you should definitely go, it might be hard at start but you'll relax and enjoy once dinner starts! You should def go to diner as it's way to get to know ppl. Enjoy :)
chrystal Posts: 863
14082010 Posts: 2103
[quote="chrystal":2m0wq48k]Thanks for the replies girls. Sorry to hear you are in a similar position 14082010 and hope it all goes well for ya. My h2b is currently organising the stag but there is no mention of the hen and I don't think I will be invited to it to be honest. Bit of history but brides sister who is one of the BM's dislikes me big time (and that is an understatement!). The hen party in itself would be very awkward, particularly if it is a weekend away! I know H2B would want me there and I will be there for him and the bride and groom. I'm just feeling anxious already about it all and its a few months off still. As much as I would like to say to myself that I'll be fine, I'm much better around people I know than people I don't know or being on my own at weddings! :-8[/quote:2m0wq48k] i really feel what you are going through! I wont walk into a pub on my own unless i am with someone and the thoughts of having to sit at a table with people i dont know is horrible! Not nice that one of the BM's doesnt like you too, adds to the discomfort :duh: Just do it for your H2B, drink loads and relax, as i shall be doing!!! Smileykaz may disapprove with me tho >:o) >:o)
whoop Posts: 1310
We have a similar situation with our BMs girlfriend. She asked if she could bring a friend who she would pay for so that she wouldnt have to face this problem. We didnt find this cheeky or anything and agreed so its smiles all round! Depends on how the couple would take a request like that though, some wouldnt be happy with it.
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Not at all, no disapproval, I think for that day I'll be having a few drinks myself even though I normally don't drink! I know how you both feel, H2B has done best man and been involved in other wedding 'duties' before and I've been with people I didn't know too well. We also went to a wedding together where we only knew the bride and groom and it was a bit nerve wracking at first cos we didn't want the B&G to feel they had to talk to us all night! So I feel your pain! I'm a bit shy too but usually cover it with jokes or blurting out something totally inappropriate and cursing as well!! IN the end though it all worked out and we had a great time. Don't worry though J, we don't think we're going to have a traditional top table as I'm not having any adult bridesmaids, only my wee nieces (five and nine) who I want to sit with their parents. My sister is signing the register for me so I guess is my maid of honour, but her husband and children will be there and I don't want her sitting on her own at the top table and her family down below! So we're thinking of just having us, the two sets of parents and the priest if he comes at the top table and then sitting the best man and the groomsman with their wives just at the front of the room so that they're up the top for the speeches. We haven't worked it out totally yet but we'll probably do something like that and try to keep people who know each other together. So it'll be grand!! Ps: for Wollies that don't know, 14082010 H2B is going to be my H2B's best man!