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bride25/08/07 Posts: 105
can somebody please help, I'm on the verge of tears here. My wedding is tomorrow & I have no mass booklet. I had relied on using the a5 template from & printed off one for our rehearsal which I was delighted with, but last night I attempted to make some changes & add a few things as my FIL2b passed away a few weeks ago so we wanted to include him in alot of the prayers but I am unable to do so. I spoke to a lady in accord who looks after this template and she told me that there is no facility on template for these kind of changes so now I'm stuck with no template. Does anyone have an A5 mass booklet template that they could email me asap as I cant figure out how to do layout & print back to back. Thanks, [email protected]
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
just sent you a few Ciara
redwifey Posts: 2932
Sorry didnt want to read and not reply. I am afraid that I dont have any template but best of luck for tomorrow. I am sure some of the girls will be in soon and will be able to sort you out. Hope it goes ok for you.
Mrs.slightly bonkers Posts: 3289
Im not much help either,But this also happened to me the night before i noticed a lot of mistakes on mine and could not use them.If you ring the priest he will help you out with and add in anything in particular you want said honestly dont stress,Get your mam or mil or someone in the bridal party to go talk/ring him.
love struck Posts: 1125
bride25/08/07 Sorry to hear about your FFIL passing away.. By the luck of God (Excuse the pum).. Whatever I have my completed mass booklet on my desktop in work... Dont stress, my wedding is in six weeks.. Showed it to my priest and he said it was perfect.. I have gone for the basic I do rather than saying the words myself.. If you wish too change you can.. Also no music included in the booklet as I am not meeting my musician till next week. Also just found a second template of another booklet my friend got married a couple of weeks ago and it is hers.. So you can chop and change to what suits you.. Will forward it to your email now... Hope it is ok for you!!! Good Luck tomorrow and enjoy your big day..Try not to stress today this is all part of a wonderful part of your life.. Let me know how you get on..
pinkpanter Posts: 191
i have a scroll template if thats any good. i can send it to you
feb08bride Posts: 656
just sent you on some templates. Don't panic, this is where you bridesmiand and friends come in. Very sorry to hear about your father in law passing away. Have a wonderful day. Let us know how it all goes.
MrsKA Posts: 878
I have a word half A4 mass booklet. Let me know if you need it. It is half folded over. My publisher mass booklet is on the computer at home so I can't send it to you, but this one might save you having to type it up. Best of luck and pm me if you need it
ellie58 Posts: 126
I'm no use to you at all but didn't want to read and not reply...hope you get sorted and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Ellie s
AllisonR Posts: 249
Couldnt not reply, I know you said in your post that you want a 'mass' booklet so presume you won't want mine as the priest is not having communion but just incase you do PM me and I'll forward it on. Sorry to hear about your FFIL and hope you get everything sorted for tomorrow. Have a fab day. I know your paniced but you'll laugh about this tomorrow! :lvs