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harlie Posts: 40
Looking for a bit of advice, I have decided to wear my veil over my face on the day. I was just wondering when you put it over your face. Obviously it is over my face for walking up the aisle but do I leave my parents house and travel in the car with it over my face???? I recall kate middleton had hers over her face in the car, is that what you do? or do people usually just put it over just befor they go up the aisle???? :-8
kittycatt24 Posts: 1322
wud u put it on before u leave the house?? word of advice, my friend just told me she had never practised walking with hers over her face and when she walked up the aisle she felt like it was blown back on her face, clinging to her face and neck and not very comfortable! and make sure u practise/advise who is taking it off from your face, same friend had awkward moment at top of church as brother walked her up aisle and him and h2b ddnt know what to do so she ended up putting it back herself!
jezabelle Posts: 607
I'm going to get my mum to put mine over my face be4 we leave the house, then when we get to the church get her or my dad (with practice) to put it back, apparently the husband to be should never put it back! If he's nervous it can be a disaster our priest was telling us over the years he has seen H2B pulling tiaras off or accidentally pulling brides to be's hair! Any one who I've said that. Ill be wearing the veil over my face is like omg haven't seen that in yrs!
BusyLizzie Posts: 251
I'm not wearing my veil over my face but I got a tip from a bride who said don't wear lipgloss if you are as your veil will stick to it!!! Niiiiice :wv
Sally76 Posts: 525
I wore my veil over my face and I have to laugh when I read warning posts that come up on this forum saying that A) you won't be able to see where you're going, B) it will stick to your face and you'll be claustrophobic, or C) it will stick to your lipgloss and look horrible. If you have a nose on your face, then none of the above will happen! I only put the blusher down just before I walked up the aisle. My father lifted it when I reached the altar, and my bridesmaid then made sure that it was sitting correctly -- and there was no drama with hairstyles or headpieces! I wore lipgloss over my lipstick too, and it was absolutely grand.
lux Posts: 6270
I wore mine over my face-I loved the romanticism of it! I put the layer over my face just as I was getting ready to walk up the aisle. I think its lovely and rarely done nowadays!
Sprocket Posts: 1671
I wore mine over my face too. I left it back over the back of my head until we got to the church and fixed it down over my face before I walked up the aisle. I had a couple of photos outside with my BMs and obviously didn't want it over my face for that. With regards to it being against your face or lip gloss sticking to it... not at all. Though, I had the veil slightly gathered at the comb rather than sitting flat on the comb. This makes a difference to how it falls. I found the veils that were completely flat on the comb to feel almost claustrophobic, but you can try a few different types on to see what you like.
Bellisima Posts: 3583
What a stunning photo :lvs :lvs :lvs
christmasbride2012 Posts: 478
The new Mrs P.....You look stunning!!! I'm planning on wearing a veil over my face too-the only thing I knew I wanted when I got engaged was a veil over my face and a train on my dress! I think it's so romantic! :lvs
MiniMeonBoard Posts: 6208
you looked fantastic MrsP.. I didnt wear mine over my face..