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Yonka Posts: 148
Hi I'm starting to look at venues for our wedding in 2010, a friend of mine got married in Liffey Valley House and I thought it was gorgeous but I couldn't have my wedding there cos the bar closes at 11:30 and the DJ has to finish quite early (even with the bar extention) which totally put me off and besides I don't want to go copying my friend! I contacted the Leixlip House hotel and that looks lovely and I'll definately be putting it on my list of places to look at but I was just wondering if any of you could advise of a venue similar to these around Dublin or surrounding areas, my only critera is that: A) It doesn't cost the earth! B) You can have the bar extention and the DJ playing til as late as possible C) It accepts a minimum of 70-80 people Thanks a million! :thnk
josiegrosie Posts: 152
Ballybeg House - it's a private residence which you hire and get in a caterer. We're having 60-80 people, getting in a caterer, buying our own wine, and having 5-hour DJ set. No limit in time! Plan is to retire to the various living rooms from 3am in order to quietly party, in the vein of a house party