Wedding Venue in West/ Midlands

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all4one Posts: 18
:? I am from Roscommon and looking for a nice wedding venue in a neighbouring county and not having much luck. Perhaps somone has some ideas. Im having a small wedding - no more than 100 guests - and Im looking for an old manor or the like (not a hotel). Any tips would be appreciated.
BB2006 Posts: 315
Have you checked out the Wineport Lodge in Athlone - beautiful venue. There is a website of country houses and manors which is really useful
irelandbride Posts: 135
A friend got married in Cloghan Castle near Galway last year. It was very well done. She had around 80 guests.
primrose Posts: 291
[size=150:3ayo3d6h]hi, i definitely would not recommend the wineport lodge. i think there is a country house somewhere near coosan in athlone or there is also Crookedswood house in mullingar...there are a few in mullingar, but not sure of names, ring mullingar tourist offfice maybe. good luck[/size:3ayo3d6h]