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gerbaker Posts: 1
Hi i am newly engaged. hoping to book my wedding for next september. I am from leitrim. I would like to either go to Kilronan Castle or Castle Dargan, my numbers are 250.I have both hotels provisional booked. But can decide on either one. Iv been to a wedding in kilronan but not Castle Dargan. if any one could advise me of their experience.thanks a mill.
katie3 Posts: 40
Hello, recently engaged here too and getting married next sept hopefully. Iv been to kilronan, which is amazing. Can't tell you about the other place though... Congratulations and good luck x
Ccmcl Posts: 49
Hi. We viewed about 6 hotels including both of these and personally nothing came close to kilronan! We did like the reception room and views in castle dargan but we are having a humanist ceremony in the hotel and they could only cater for 120 I think it was and we needed 140. Also, we much prefered the wedding coordinator in kilronan. From the minute we walked in she was great, walked us through all the rooms we could use, answered all of our questions and she really helped sell it for us. I realise that's her job but we are so happy with our choice. Getting married next May :-) Price wise, I can't remember what castle dargan was but I know kilronan was the most expensive one we went to but for us there was just no comparison! Hope this helps! :-)
Kazzam Posts: 42
Hi! You've picked two beautiful hotels :) I'm getting married in Castle Dargan on the 2nd. Once I viewed the place, nowhere else came close! We viewed a few!! We're having a civil ceremony & the room is just so beautiful, high ceiling, fireplace, piano.. Every other hotel just offered a function room. Strange - they said they'd have 140 chairs in & they've confirmed this twice so hopefully that doesn't change!! We had the meal tasting 2 weekends ago and it was absolutely amazing - we had to be rolled out! They put us sitting in the area above the bar and the view was just beautiful. The reception room is really stunning aswell. Views are really breath taking. Kim (the wedding coordinator) has been an absolute joy aswell - no request has been too ridiculous and she has some great ideas. Although we haven't had our wedding there yet, I honestly can't recommend it high enough :) Happy hunting! It's so enjoyable :)