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fifteenseven16 Posts: 20
hi, just wondering how much are other couples paying for a wedding video? We both dislike being filmed and really hate the traditional wedding video so we'd decided we definitely weren't having one but now I'm having second thoughts as I'm afraid the photos alone won't be enough... Have contacted a few suppliers who do the highlights reel style videos but they all seem pretty expensive!
Brendan Galvin Films Posts: 15
Hello there, for someone who really isnt sure about getting a video done and who dislikes cameras, just make sure you chose someone friendly and experienced. Talk to them on the phone... As I say to my brides, I will be filming you in your dressing gown ha ha so make sure you book someone who will be fun and not intimidating... Someone like this will enhance the fun you have. Do not book someone cheap, as they are not busy enough or confident in their own work enough to charge a price that a great video and great experience deserves... I think what you are looking for is something like the video on my site. Not your usual 100 angles of your dress in slow motion.. It s all about FUN..... I would be delighted to chat to you.. You can see me under suppliers here as Galvin Films.... Kind regards, Bren -