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Shelly321 Posts: 96
Hi Looking for a wedding videographer who can make a lively and fun video of our wedding day. All the samples I'm seeing online are so serious and slow. I'd love a video that has some fun music and captures the excitement of the day.
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
Hi you can generally pick whatever music you want :)
ATL Photography Posts: 255
Our colleagues at ATL Videography usually give you a list to pick from or you send them the music you would like. The example below had an upbeat tune for the start and a slower one for the second but this was because it was what the bride wanted. If you wanted something different then that should be no problem! ... eo-sample/
ABrideAbroad2016 Posts: 12
Moments Videography do that fun type that you are looking for. We booked with them and John was great to work with. Just waiting to see the final result now :)
Shelly321 Posts: 96
Thinking about going with Shane Prunty - has anyone heard of him?
denlo Posts: 124
Shay Casserley in Navan. As mad as a March Hare but his videos are great craic.