At Ashmore, we don’t just video weddings – we film them. Our clients agree that an Ashmore Wedding DVD is a unique experience. We provide a professional wedding video service with a personal touch. Our discreet, documentary style filming ensures that every important moment of your day is captured without obtrusion and preserved for years of enjoyment. Available for weddings, parties, and corporate events.For more details contact Ashmore @ email: [email protected] mobile: 085 751 4530 [url=][img:3mj3w6k3][/img:3mj3w6k3][/url:3mj3w6k3] [url=]Visit Ashmore Video Productions[/url:3mj3w6k3] | [url=]Wedding Videographer Cork[/url:3mj3w6k3] | [url=]Wedding Videographer Laois[/url:3mj3w6k3] | [url=]Photobooth Cork Kerry Laois Offaly Tipperary[/url:3mj3w6k3] |