Wedding Weather (Umbrella)

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Shoebox Posts: 8
Am getting married this saturday. Judging by todays weather I will have to dust the child of prague off and put it out!!!!!!!! But just in case it doesn't work and weather is like today does anyone know where I could by a nice umbrella around the size of a golf umbrella so hubby to be can fit under too?
papillon Posts: 1305
depends where you are, I know the Butterslip in Kilkenny has adorable ivory umbrellas perfect for bridal wear..
fluffiesmam Posts: 1470
i think i rememeber lantz having them too! check them out too
fumoir2009 Posts: 367
weather is supposed to be nice on Saturday so I wouldnt tempt faith!!!!!
papillon Posts: 1305
yeah the forecast is good for Saturday...
22 bride Posts: 113
:wv Pennys have clear umbrellas with white edge for 5 euros
hollywoodbride Posts: 1341
I read somewhere on here on a wedding day report the the company you get the suit from will give them to you for free with the mens suits as long as you bring them back... maybe call the suit hire company :wv
Shoebox Posts: 8
Thanks for all your help girls I really appreciate it