weddings at glenlo abbey

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ailbhe87 Posts: 6
Hi, Im wondering if anyone has any information on glenlo abbey? Ive been for a look around and I love the idea of having a civil ceremony in the old abbey itself followed by an intimate dinner in there too, thinking then to use the function room later on for evening guests and music. Does anyone know the room hire fee and the general way they do things at glenlo? Any previous brides married in the old abbey?
mrscmcc2be Posts: 40
Hi there! Don't know very much about weddings in Glenlo. It is beautiful there though and you might be interested to know that there are holding a wedding afternoon on 4th October. That might give you more of an idea about what they can do for you! :lvs
PlayBones Posts: 32
Hi, I haven't been to a wedding there, and would have loved to have my wedding there but it is a little far for us to travel. I did have dinner in the carriage of the Orient Express there, and the food was brilliant. Best of luck planning your day! PB.
MrsBou2015 Posts: 6
I got married there nearly 3 weeks ago.we had a small family wedding 24 people for the ceremony and dinner. A party after with roughly 120.Had ceremony and dinner in the abbey and a party then in the Corrib Suite. I know things have changed since I booked it and it depends on numbers etc. But I paid €250 for the hire of the abbey for the ceremony. That included red carpet, a floral arrangement for candles, choice of chairs and covers etc. They were absolutely amazing to deal with. A new wedding co-ordinator Cathy has taken over in the last few months and I found her great. Nothing was to much hassle or a silly question. She always had time for me and all the rest of the staff were unbelievable. Couldn't recommend them enough.
ailbhe87 Posts: 6
Thank you Mrsbou2015, can I ask how u found the corrib suite? Did u have a band/DJ and midnight feed? What time do u tell the evening guests to come at? That is the exact wedding I want, ceremony and dinner in the abbey. Can u tell me if they include all the set up for dinner too, flowers and decor etc..and also do they charge you corkage for the wine? Would love to know how to go about it especially for our evening guests we would love to offer them all a glass or two of wine. Also, Ive heard that only registered photographers are allowed at weddings here and my photographer is a family friend who photographs as a hobby so not professional with insurance etc. Can you tell me about the payment plan too, Ive heard its a bit complicated. Sorry for all the questions but I want to be fully prepared in time for the wedding fair in October!! I dont want to seem totally clueless !! Lol !
MrsBou2015 Posts: 6
I sent you a private message all about the venue and our wedding
wifey2be2016 Posts: 52
I looked at having my reception here and we just didn't like the function room - It would have been too tight we felt .Also heard they have a strict policy on when the music stops at night. Cathy is lovely though , she seemed to be very helpful showing us around.
santino78 Posts: 7
hi could you send me on some details aswell!!!thanks.we had a look around there at the weekend i thought it was beautiful,but i like your idea of having just a family dinner and inviting guests to the evening any information greatly appreciated. O:o)
Gbride15 Posts: 2
Lovely hotel with views. They make you leave the ballroom for one hour after the meal while they get the room ready for the band - this for me was major inconvenience and had people going off to different bars in the hotel as people got confused. Food is OK, not 5 star.
Peaches78 Posts: 768
Hi Girls, we have just booked our wedding there next year, we are planning on having a civil ceremony in the Abbey and then having a BBQ in the Corrib room afterwards for aprox 50 people. Mrs Bou 2015, could you pm me details of your wedding too....just to get an idea of whats included and what ye did for music etc? I absolutely love the place so really excited about it. Thanks a mill!