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MissMuppet Posts: 2085
Kazza08 Posts: 219
Hi Bree Lee, I've been told over and over it's what both of you want, not what others want. I think if you do decide to go to Donegal or somewhere else other than your hometown, the ones that really want to share your day won't have a problem travelling that bit further.
mrsgameover Posts: 383
Hi Bree Lee, I am from Dublin but am living in Limerick and have decided to get married in Limerick instead of going home. Essentially what this means is that bar one sister who also lives over this side my entire immediate and extended family will be travelling over for the wedding. The only thing I would say to you is that from an organisation point of view it may prove slightly more difficult for yourself to have the wedding so far away from where you are based. Half the logic behind why I decided to stay in Limerick for the wedding was in terms of being able to have easy access to suppliers, use people that I know and have had recommended to me. If you do plan to go ahead with it you might want to think about using a wedding planner to help you out. HTH
Alluring Posts: 929
Hiya, we are getting married in our home county. To be honest, in my opinion, I think it is a lot of pressure & extra expense on the guests. My H2B's sister got married last year in another county and while me & H2B enjoyed ourselves, it meant I couldn't have a drink until 6pm as I was driving to the reception. She had organised refreshments in the local before going to the reception. It's can be expensive for the guests to pay for a hotel room as where they could get a taxi home if it was local.
looey Posts: 624
We are from Galway and Mayo and are getting married in Sligo or Roscommon, not sure which yet!! So in any case 1 half would have to travel, so we decided to go on total neutral ground for everyone, and pick a place we really love. We are both sick to death of going to weddings in Galway and Mayo, actually so are both our families, so they are really glad to get to see somewhere new! We were originally gonna do it abroad, but it would be too hard for the oldies to come, so Ireland it is!!!
bride1975 Posts: 214
i'm getting married in west cork and am from dublin. there are reasons for this (H2B's mum is sick) but it definitely is a bit harder than if i was getting married from home. i'm not familiar with florists, hairdressers etc in the area..... HOWEVER, this website has been brilliant and you can find out a load of information on the internet and from friends etc about where to source things. so, if you want donegal go for it, but be prepared that it may be slightly harder than if you're going from home
MissMuppet Posts: 2085