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clucky Posts: 26471
What are yours? Tonight im dropping hubby out to his friends house for a play date then its wine and eviction tomorrow have to go to dublin to try and cram all this in 11-12 cat sit for silly bint who is deceiving her landlord 12-3 test drive and hopefully collect new car 3-6 visit 4 venues for possible reception after church blessing and pray to god they have availability for december 22nd then travel back home sunday - are dublin playing?
Senorita Posts: 3413
Cleaning the house O:| It's a right state, cause I've been working late, and I'm a lazy mare, and hubby is sick, and so is the dog :o( Might treat myself to some wine all the same, to help get me through all the cleaning and sickness :eek :o0
Mrs plaza Posts: 3031
looks like your free from 9 to 11 to visit dunnes stores henry st !!!!!!!! visit momma tonite and watch big bro working tomorrow babysitting niece that nite we are watching finding nemo !!!! ( hubbie has a playday also that nite so i have the tv to myself once niece goes to bed !) crashing sunday
*gone* Posts: 4785
Rang H2B at lunch to see what would I get for dinner tonight (his brother is staying with us, but not arriving till late, so was going to make meat & spuds dinner and put his in the oven on a plate) ... but was told that he can just stick a pizza in the oven and that we'll go to the pub for dinner! :o)ll Mmmmm steak fajitas here I come!! Tomorrow - my long awaited sleep in!! Have been looking forward to it all week! Then going to just tidy up the house and try to tackle the mess of a garden after all the bad weather Sunday - chill out & watch DVD's all day!! So in brief - SWEET [email protected] ADAMS!!
McDanny Posts: 1435
No major plans - shopping, cooking, cleaning. Have re-joined the gym this week so have a fitness evaluation in the morning, God help me!
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
food shopping on the way home, bottle of westcoast cooler, pile of iron and friends dvd's for me later, then tomorrow night going to the ramada in carlow
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Moving house and painting :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Never thought I'd be pleased at the thought, but it'll be four months since we started the process so we're delighted the time has finally come to move!!
charli Posts: 5994
had a stressful week and a bit, my mammy was sick so...... visit mammy (home from ozzy today- she was in for a week, wasnt very well, had op but now is doing great! :o)ll ) then Big Bro - no wine for me tho.... :o( saturday: swimming/shopping/cleaning/then christening at teatime, and its a big fancy dancy one and they have caterers with loads of nummy food - again no wine.. :o( Sunday: chillax for the day, maybe swimming, promised DD that we would bake a cake this weekend so that should take up the whole afternoon!!
clucky Posts: 26471
[quote:3nlg2lvx]visit mammy (home from ozzy today- she was in for a week, wasnt very well, had op but now is doing great! ) [/quote:3nlg2lvx] thats good to hear charli
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
tonight - blitzing the apartment from top to bottom tomorrow - hoping landlady doesnt turn up before cat sitter..and then hoping landlady doesn't spot a solitary cat air that we neglected to hoover up and chuck us out.. tomorrow afternoon - sod all sunday - sod all