weeks not progressing on a clear blue pregnancy test.

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luckymummy Posts: 650
has this happened to anybody. 10 days ago i got 2-3 weeks pregnant (night time urine) which would have matched my dates. Has some pains on sat night, no bleeding or spotting so used the second test in the box this morning(early morning urine) and it still only says 2-3 weeks. i'm worried now has this happened to anyone else.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Lucky mummy try not to worry too much about the weeks I know it's hard not to but you have no bleeding or cramps etc I find the digitalis are temperamental it hasn't gone down and after 6 weeks I think the hcg gets do high it can confuse the preg test I think it's called the hook effect where you have to dilute the urine with water for hpt to register Can you go to your Epu and get a scan if you are really worried ?
luckymummy Posts: 650
thanks for that Fxfor3, yeah i rang the EPU and midwife there reassured me, told me not to do anymore tests! i'm my GP apt on thurs so hopefully everthing will be confirmed there. By my dates i'm 6 weeks so will book an early scan for the week after next. Delighted to see you have joined the june babies thread, congratulations.
leo20 Posts: 309
It could be fine, just your urine not picking up enough of the hormone level. I would say as long as its testing postive its ok - To put your mind at ease you can go for a hcg test in your local hopital. If you are in dublin i know mount carmel do them. its a blood test that measures the hcg in your blood - if it is over 100 you are fine. They then do a repeat one the next day (or 48 hours after) hcg should double every 60 hours - as long as its doubling you are fine. xx (i had ivf + miscarriage history so get them every week up to 12 weeks to make sure pregnancy progressing)
belcra Posts: 1097
Luckymummy - the CB digital never goes beyond 2-3 weeks so you can relax :) Check the instructions - that's the highest it ever goes so the good news is you are still def pregnant. Congrats!! :o)ll :o)ll
itwillbeme Posts: 838
[quote="belcra":u9n80glj]Luckymummy - the CB digital never goes beyond 2-3 weeks so you can relax [/quote:u9n80glj] The clearblue digi goes to 3+ Perhaps your urine was too diluted........Leo has given good advice, if you are worried, get your hcg levels checked .. see if your GP will do them on thurs... You've no spotting so that is a good sig,. I know its hard not to worry - ive been there myself so many times..
belcra Posts: 1097
God I'm sorry - I knew it stopped somewhere and thought it was 2-3.
luckymummy Posts: 650
thanks for replys girls, i'll ask gp for HCG test on thurs. Its just awfull not knowing what is going on inside my own body, and scary. I've totally fallen in love with this little baby over the last few days, had been taking it for granted up untill then that everything would be ok.
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
Lucky mummy it really is horrible nit knowing but def try not put too much thought into the test here's my reason why when I got my bfp at end of aug I literally tested everyday lines were progressing lovely etc text book really so I thought that's great then I miscarried so as my gp said after do a test if positive that's it no more testing you will drive yourself mad and that's what I'm going to do this time , there are so many variables like the amount of due in each test how diluted your urine is time of day so my advice put it to the back of your mind and hopefully the time will fly to your scan x
Steph2 Posts: 1044
Luckymummy this has come up a few times in recent weeks. Same thing happened me and I got an awful fright. I did a lot of rooting around the net. Turns out the CB Digis are notorious for showing inaccurate results as regards the weeks. Some women have reported using two tests in the same urine, and one test will show a different result to the other. The sensitivity of the tests can differ slightly from one to the other, and as another Wollie said, it can also very much depend on the concentration of the urine you use. So please please don't worry yourself. It seems to be quite a common occurrence so I'm sure everything is just tickety boo ;o)