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Dogdaisy Posts: 366
At what age can my DS have these ? I started spooning feeding at 17 weeks and he is now 23 weeks (5.5 Months). He gets baby porridge with pureed fruit for breakfast, veg, sweet potatoe or butternut squash for dinner and natural yogurt with fruit for his tea but id like to start giving him something differant for breakfast or tea ?
digsy Posts: 1257
I started DD on solids at 5 months and is still on two solids a day, am going to introduce the third solid when she is six months (breakfast) and i will probably use Ready Brek.
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
Mito Mum - weetabix and Ready Brek both have gluten in them so the recommendation is 6 months - it is to help reduce the possibility of food alergies. HTH
Dogdaisy Posts: 366
Great thank you for the replys, i will wait another 2 weeks until DS is 6 months :thnk
Emomc Posts: 2069
Also from 6 months onwards you can add a little full fat milk to their diet so you can use it to make up your Readybrek or Weetabix