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maybride2017 Posts: 232
Anyone used any really great weight loss DVD's they can recommend? I live in a tiny flat and cant do any jumping due to neighbors below, I keep getting tempted by the new Scarlett Moffett DVD. I've got the wedding in 5 months and need to start losing the xmas belly!!! O-O
MRSMR2B Posts: 3
The Body Coach is excellent and great if you don't have loads of time ... 15/20 minute workouts
ashcapp Posts: 31
I swear by Beachbody's programs. A fair amount of them do involve jumping though, so I would suggest checking out their free trial to sample a few and find one that works for your current home situation: [url:1njy1kaf][/url:1njy1kaf]
ModernMrs Posts: 28
I don't know if this is helpful, but I have been watching Bodyfit by Amy on Youtube and she is great! I also live in an apartment and her workouts are grand for that! Good thing about her is that it is on Youtube so it's free!!
joshuamiller7602 Posts: 14
I believe that eating the weight loss foods is the best way to control the overweight. i have gone through an article with entitled "Eating Better is More Important Than Counting Calories for Weight Loss". at zovon. Hope, it could be helpful for you. ... ight-loss/