Weight falling off - ehm, help?

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cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Ladies, did anyone else experience this in the run-up to their wedding? Weight has been [i:7w9ef6uy]falling[/i:7w9ef6uy] off me for about a month, my dressmaker told me off at the weekend, if I lose any more weight my dress is going to look terrible. I've lost it around my waist and my poor (already tiny) boobs :weep The corset / bra thing I have for under my dress won't stay in place if I lose any more. I haven't changed my diet at all, the weight loss is not wanted or needed. I eat a decent breakfast and a big lunch and a big dinner every day. I snack a tiny bit too (maybe tea and some biscuits in the afternoon, or crisps after work before dinner). I'm very stressed out at work at the moment (I'm not 100% sure I'll have a job in a month's time, my company is restructuring AGAIN :duh: ) and I'm not sleeping well, so that's probably the reason. OH has been joking about it, saying "sure just have a few burgers every day" but if I start eating rubbish I know my skin will go crazy, I have bad skin anyway with the stress. Any ideas how I can bulk myself up a bit? I have four weeks :o(
ninja next Posts: 1548
Hi I definitly dont have that problem as when im stressed i tend to put on weight. But I would suggest upping the carbs in your diet would you consider adding in something like complan to your diet on a short term basis?
vulgarpicture Posts: 571
Hi, This happened me in the run up to my wedding and I could really feel it in my dress on the day. Everyone kept telling me how lucky i was and most brides would be pleased, which annoyed the hell out of me. I hadnt changed my diet at all, but i had started to drink loads more water and hot water instead of coffee. I put it down to that and stress! I dont really have any advise for you. Its just frustrating as now id love to lose a bit and bloody cant!
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Hey Next, That's an interesting idea actually, thanks! I might have a look in the supermarket (or pharmacy???) to find out what the French equivalent is. It's mad how stress affects people differently - I was at a going-away night out for a colleague last week (we're dropping like flies :o( ) and half the table had visibly put on weight, half the table were like me, a few kilos down and all drawn looking. Stress is a mofo >:o(
survivor Posts: 2507
This happened me too and probably to most brides. Fortunately I was happy to lose the extra bit. It happens as you are running around a lot more than usual, whether you realise it or not. You will have to eat a lot more the next few weeks as its unlikely you'll be able to slow down. There's a lot to organise in the weeks coming up to the wedding. Eat a lot of bread, pasta, dairy for your meals. If you're having potatoes mash them with butter. Make sauces with cream. The best way to bulk up is to snack between meals. Snacking a tiny bit just isnt going to work for you now. Fine eat biscuits but make sure they're chocolate coated. Eat dessert after dinner every day. Every time you have a cup of tea you need to eat with it. Enjoy the freedom to go mad with food.
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Thanks VP, good to know I'm not the only one!! And yes, it's annoying when people say "ah lucky you!" I don't want to look like a stick insect drowning in silk on my big day :o0 :o0 :o0
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Thanks Survivor! My OH went out and bought a rake of ice-cream on Friday, he has ordered me to eat half a tub after every meal :o0 I'm off to get the biscuits now...
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
Obviously I didn't lose weight running up to the wedding! However a few years ago I was very ill and did lose weight rapidly. (Now not enough to be skinny but it was very rapid). The doctor and nutritionist in hospital said a good way to keep weight stable or put weight on is to up your dairy and carbs as another poster said. Switch to full fat dairy, milk and cheese and butter and try to eat a couple of portions every day. Increase your bread particularly. There's very little difference in wholemeal and white bread calorie wise so you can still have wholemeal for fibre like. That would actually be a better way to put on weight rather than eating junk like, if as you said you're concerned about your skin. Also, easier said than done, try not to panic! Cos you'll burn off more with nervous energy and thinking about it and obsessing about it. Try to stay calm, you'll look BEAUTIFUL on the day that's not even an issue. Use cream in your coffee, have a cheeseboard AND a wee dessert after dinner, eat a full fat yoghurt between meals, greek yoghurt even, with some honey in it. Have a garlic bread with your main meal. Add some baby potatoes to your lunchtime salad, maybe with a hard boiled egg. Real food with real calories rather than junk. And enjoy it!
Gizobel Posts: 207
Another tip is to try an drink at least an extra pint of full-fat milk a day, it's a quick way to add calories! If you like nuts or peanut butter, they pack a lot of calories too but aren't 'junk' food, actually they're great for you. One thing to remember is that is is surprisingly difficult for a naturally slim person to gain weight, so you will have to make the effort to get those calories in every single day, and you will have to eat when you're not hungry. Best of luck :)
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Yoghurt! Excellent idea, hadn't even [i:3c1vd1jx]thought[/i:3c1vd1jx] of that. I'm not a huge fan of dairy (I wouldn't drink a glass of milk for exacmple) but I can definitely make a hot choc or two during the day, that'll up my full-fat dairy. No worries about bread, I always have it for breakfast, and I do that French thing of mopping up anything that's left on my plate with a hunk of baguette. Good call on the peanut butter as well, I wouldn't generally have that in the house but I'll pick up a jar. Kaz I had to laugh at your reference to a lunchtime salad, I would be staaaaa-haaaa-haaaaarving and dead by 2 p.m. if I only had a salad for lunch :o0 But potato salad, now that is an idea. Might make that today actually, have a craving for it now. Thanks everyone O-O (full-fat pints of hot choc)