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FLORIDA123 Posts: 66
Hi all I am 19 weeks PG with my 1st so excited anyways I was 8st 3lb now I am 9st 6lb is that a lot of weight to but on already :eek :eek i measured my bump using the tiolet roll sheets which I seen on another forum and I am 8 all the way around is that how you do it, sorry for all the questions but my bump has expanded not sure if its baby or chocolate Kimberley :eek :eek
Ochre Posts: 877
hey florida, i think with the sheets, you just go from one hip to the other - which should halve your number! :wv
FLORIDA123 Posts: 66
alright I must try that way so what do you think oF the weight gain is that normal
Trafford Posts: 463
[quote="FLORIDA123":14fmfqxv]alright I must try that way so what do you think oF the weight gain is that normal[/quote:14fmfqxv] Is is all baby, or have you weight on your face, bum etc? It sounds ok seeing as you almost are half-way there. So, if you go up the same again you will be 2st 6lbs heavier, a stone or more of which you will lose at the birth, and probably another half stone within a couple of weeks. Once you're eating healthily and keeping up your exercise I wouldn't be concerned - it really does sound like the healthy weight gain range to me. Do you know how much you had gained by 14 weeks, if at all? I am 14 weeks now and still the same weight as I have always been (8 st) and am worried as I have no symptoms whatsoever. First scan is on Monday so I really hope everything is normal.
FLORIDA123 Posts: 66
well at 12 weeks I had gained 6lb think that was from eating too much doh and I weighed myself the 10th Dec and I was 8st 13 I was a in shock yesterday been 9st 6lb been honest. My boobs are very big at the mo I had lost a lot of weight for my wedding I wouldnt be naturally thin I have always watched what I ate been honest and exercised a lot. now I am eating and not exercising .. I have a bit of weight on my face . well peopel are telling me I look healthy no none anywhere else I am pretty sure your grand and one of the lucky ones :stork: you will have a lovely neat designer bump did you see Amanda Holden is 6 months PG not a pick on her good luck Monday so exciting
ructions Posts: 2689
I read that the best thing to do in early pregnancy is measure the circumference of your upper thigh. If that starts to increase a lot, it's you putting the weight on and not the baby!
Leigh Posts: 188
Hi Well im 23 weeks tomorrow and havent put on any weight yet even though getting little bump?!! :lvs I am wondering when am i gonna balloon!!! I think i should have put some weight on by now? Normally id be average size i suppose, size 10/12 in clothes. Doc did'nt seem concerned at all though when had scan so i guess it just depends on the person. Does anyone know if you are meant to gain a certain amount overall?
Giant Underpants Posts: 953
You can use this if you are very concerned: But to be honest I would try not to focus too much on it, its not like you could diet even it was all chocolate kimberly! I gained nothing for the first 5 months, then put on a stone in 4 weeks. Gained nothing for another 3 months, then piled on another stone. Total gain for me was 2 stone, but each stone was gained in a very short space of time! You wont know until the end, plus if you need to eat, then you need to eat. Mind yourself anyway.
littlemisshopeful Posts: 6101
I am similar to giant underpants....i lost almost a stone and a half in the first eight weeks and by 22 weeks had only regained 2.5lbs. I have since gained about 8lbs, all in the last 4-5 weeks. I don't mind gaining a pound a week but I am just gaining loads at the moment and can't exercise due to bad spd. I am hoping to have an overall weight gain of no more than 1.5 stone as I am overweight as it is. The hospital told me I should gain a total weight of about 12 kg which is about 25lbs I think.
doone Posts: 503
thats prob similiar to me, about a month ago my bump just doubled in size and when i weighted myself i had put on nearly a stone ! i think it all just appeared one day casue i had been weighting myself every couple of weeks and at start i lost a bit cause of the nausea. looking at myself i think i might have put on a few pounds myself but most must be baby / bump / boobs ! If really freaked me out casue i wasn't skinny before and don't want to put on excessive weight. Try the weight calculators i did and it said that it was normal amount but really if your not eatting to much junk then we have to give the baby what it wants and just see what the outcome is after ! [url=http://www.thebump.com/?utm_source=ticker&utm_medium=UBB&utm_campaign=tickers:bo7moj3g][img:bo7moj3g]http://global.thebump.com/tickers/tt9a546.aspx[/img:bo7moj3g][/url:bo7moj3g]