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March Baby Posts: 89
I'm sure this may have been discussed before, but hear goes... Is anyone else concerned about the amount of weight they have put on so far? While I was slightly underweight before falling pregnant, I am now only at 16 weeks and have but on 1 stone and 10 pounds, it seems a terrible lot of weight to put on in such a short time. I have been told by friends that it seems to be only my belly and boobs that are bigger, but I wonder! How much weight is one expected to put on in the second and third trimester? I am eating a lot more then I used to (was never a big eater). I'm walking and doing yoga and have just got myself a maternity swim suit so I can get back into swimming! However, each week the weight just keeps going on. Any advice is welcome!
marriedinmay Posts: 578
I have put on about half a stone in 8 weeks, my boobs feel like they weigh a tone. And I look like Ia m 6 months pregnant as so bloated!!
Vogue Posts: 426
I have put on very little weight, I'd say half a stone!? I firmly believe this is because I was overweight to start with. In saying that, I may pile on the pounds towards the end. I think because you were underweight before you got pregnant, your body is 'padding up' so to speak in order to keep baby and you protected. The weight gain will more than likely level off very soon and you might not put on any more weight until the last few weeks. Talk to your midwife to see what she thinks x
redfly Posts: 358
I've put on about 5 pounds since getting pregnant but listen it all depends on what weight you were to begin with. You say you were very slim so its acceptable to put on a good bit of weight then. Don't worry about it. I'm sure it'll fall off you afterwards.
CCAF Posts: 502
I was also a bit concerned about weight gain - also slightly under weight before becoming pregnant i have now put on nearly 10 pounds at 13weeks. My belly is obviously bigger and boobs but also thighs and bum >:o(
Fairywings Posts: 360
Unlike you March Baby, I was over weight before getting pregnant and to my horror realised that Ive about a stone on in 15wks. I nearly cried, I def didn't hve this much on when pregnant on my DD. Im trying not to worry about it but just enjoy being pregnant and Ill worry about it next year once Ive my healthy baby in my arms. But the roads better watch out come next Summer cause Ill be belting them :o0
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
Marchbaby As the others have said, it's totally dependent on your previous body weight. If you were underweight, you have a lot more to put on. Here are some recommendations: ************************************************************* ** Underweight women (BMI less than 20) should try to gain about 28-40 pounds ** For an average sized woman, the amount of weight she should try to gain during her pregnancy is in the 25-35 pound range. Expect to put on about 4-6 pounds in the first trimester, and about a pound a week in the last two trimesters. ** Overweight women (BMI of 26 and over) = 15 - 25 ** Those with a BMI of 30-34.9 should gain 10-25 pounds. ** Those with a BMI of 35-39.9 should gain less than 9 pounds. ** Those with a BMI over 40 should lose up to 9 pounds. ************************************************************* There's a calculator online that helps you work out where you are for your stage of pregnancy here: http://www.thebabycorner.com/tools/preg ... ulator.php ************************************************************* Here is a research article on weight gain in pregnancy I found interesting. http://www.ajcn.org/cgi/content/full/71/5/1233S Basically, it says that there's a lot of controversy about the weight gain recommendations and they've changed over the years but research does seem to suggest that staying within the recommended weight gain ranges leads to a) healthier babies and b) less weight retention in the new mums. Weight gain seems to only be a real issue (vs a vanity issue!) when you gain far too little or far too much (well outside the ranges)- as far too little can lead to a very small baby at greater risk for disability/death and far too much can lead to a very big baby at greater risk for complications during birth which can again lead to disability/death. BUT even then, there seems to be variability with good outcomes for babies no matter what weight the mother was/is/put on. Putting on way too much does seem to be related to finding it hard to get rid of.. but hey, that's not rocket science to understand I guess.. People's weight gain is very individual though AND what goes on the scales might not reflect what's going on inside e.g. By 12 weeks, I was 7-10lbs up By 25 weeks I was 14lbs up AT 32 weeks (Wednesday) I am 17lbs up This looks like I'm gaining hardly anything but the baby is actually really big at the 71st centile on a scan at 28 weeks (meaning only 29% of babies at that stage were as big or bigger than my baby). I'd also say it's very genetic - lots of women in my family actually lost weight during pregnancy. I was also one stone overweight before getting pg. So there are LOTS of factors.. don't worry. You know yourself if you are being healthy or not. If you are eating well and not gorging on goodies, I wouldn't worry about it. Focus on nutrition (getting your fruit and veg, protein, calcium etc), avoid lots of crap and your body will decide what weight you should be for your baby.
March Baby Posts: 89
Many thanks guys, I will throw out the scales and just eat a good diet! The best of luck to you all with the rest of your pregnancies.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
personally I would ignore all the advice and statistics on how much you should gain and when -everyone is different and different girls gain different amounts in different trimesters. As long as you are eating relatively healthily (I have been know to cheat I should add :-8 ) and getting a bit of regular exercise, even just in the form of walking then you should be fine... worry about the weight loss after when we can all pound the pavements with our gorgeous new prams :o0
Fifi Trixibelle Posts: 472
March baby I was the same as you at the start. I wouldn't describe myself as being underweight, but say size 6-8, 5ft 8. I ate RINGS around myself at the beginning, I literally could not be without food and all I wanted was carbs carbs carbs. It was like a compulsion! It totally evened off though, and I'm now at almost 33 weeks. I'm defo bigger than I was starting out, but only a tiny bit and the eating totally eased off. I just figured that if I was that desperate for food, my body knew what it was doing and I was just going to have to go along with it! And as Mayalldone says, it'll fall off afterwards when we're out showing off our gorgeous new prams! Here's to a happy and healthy 9 months! :wv