weight gain in 1st trimester..

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bree Posts: 1880
just wondered how much weight people have gained since getting pregnant ( ie.those around 15/16wks).. i know the recommended weight gain in 2kg ( 1kg=2.5lb).. i have had the wedding & honeymoon & know i over -ate .. now begining to really feel that awful sluggish feeling not sure if its the pregnancy ( as had started to get more energetic) or the weight - have gained 5kg..which is 12lb..quite alot for only 15wks preggers! anyone else experience with this one?
Newlywed Posts: 38
Hi there My GP told me to watch my weight and ideally you're not supposed to put on any weight in the 1st trimester, but I know that's easier said then done. I'm over weight anyway, I was 12 stone at 5wks, and am 7+1 now and haven't weighted myself since, but based on no exercise and having a bit of a sweet tooth, I've prob put on weight. They call the honeymoon weight the Newlywed 9(lbs) so I really wouldn't worry about it. Some of my friends put on 4 stone when pg but have since lost it all, as long as u get some exercise in, eat healthily, loads of meat and veg, organic if possible, you'll be fine. Don't worry about it!.